Share Blog Post on SlideShare/Scribd: Get Targeted Traffic and Powerful Backlink

Hello, bloggers, are you thinking about traffic or visitors of your blog? Yes, this is the most important question for all the bloggers. Traffic is not enough, how to get more traffic, how to increase traffic? Friend, we know it is really easy to build a blog. I think most of the people can start a blog. But all the people don’t know how to get enough traffic. I can say that most of the bloggers fail in blogging for want of traffic. You must know, it is not easy to get search engines traffic. Because there are a lot of high authority sites, they will rank better than you on search engines. So you need to depend on targeted traffic. You can share blog post on SlideShare/Scribd to get targeted traffic and high authority backlinks.

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SlideShare and Scribd are really powerful document sharing sites. If you can use these two sites properly, I hope you will get huge traffic from these two awesome sites. These sites also provide you quality backlinks that will be helpful to increase your overall SEO score.

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You should not only depend on organic traffic. We know organic traffic or search engines traffic is really valuable. But you will not get this type of traffic until you do SEO perfectly and you need time. So at the beginning, you can depend on targeted traffic from document sharing sites such as Slideshare and Scribd. You can share blog post on Slideshare/Scribd as PDF.

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In this tutorial, I will show you the processes to get targeted traffic from Slideshare and Scribd.

Share Blog Post on SlideShare/Scribd: Get Targeted Traffic

Before sharing your blog post on Slideshare or Scribd, you need to convert and save your posts as PDF files on your computer.

Then you can share one by one.

There are different online tools help you to convert your web page to PDF.

You can also use your browser. If you using google chrome. Just open your web page in chrome. Then click on Customize and control Google Chrome then select Print…

Now Save as PDF.

Share Blog Post on SlideShare/Scribd


I personally use Microsoft Word. You can also use this service. You can edit your post easily. Then save as PDF.

You can add you blog’s link on the top and your post link in the footer of your post before saving.

Just copy your whole post then paste on MS Word. Then Save as PDF after editing.

Share Blog Post on SlideShare/Scribd

When you have finished, your final step will start. Just visit these two sites: SlideShare and Scribd.

Share blog post on Slideshare/Scribd: SlideShare

SlideShare is one of the best and most popular PDF, Video and Image sharing site. It is a high authority site. You can easily increase your website traffic using this site. You also get the powerful backlink from SlideShare.

Just visit:

Click on Sign Up. You can also Sign in with your LinkedIn account.

Complete your profile with your details. You need to add your link on website option. You will get a dofollow backlink from this site.

Finally, click on Upload just before your profile image.

Then click on Select files to upload. Select your PDF file from your PC or laptop. Double click on your PDF file.

It will automatically upload.

Then you need to enter your title, description, category, and Tags.

Finally, Publish.

Share blog post on Slideshare/Scribd

That’s all. You have done. You need to share your all posts one by one.

Share blog post on Slideshare/Scribd: Scribd

Scribd is another high authority document sharing site. You can get targeted traffic from this site.

You can share your PDF document such as your blog post on this site.

Just go to and click on sign in. You can see a Sign Up option. Click on this link.

After signing up complete your profile. You can add your blog’s link with your description.

Then click on Upload then Select Documents to Upload.

Choose your PDF document from your PC. You have to enter a captcha code.

Now enter your post title and add a description. Finally Done.

Share blog post on Slideshare/Scribd

That’s all.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. You must share blog post on Slideshare/Scribd to get more and more traffic. Traffic is really important so you should not ignore any traffic source.

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