Top 4 Best And Simple Traffic Sources For The New Blog-Beginners Guidelines

If you are thinking to be a blogger, I think you have some basic idea about blogging. Without basic knowledge, you should not start blogging practically. If you do that, you will suffer. There are different important issues are related to blogging. You have to know everything. Most of the time the beginners do a lot of mistakes so they have to stop their journey at the beginning. Every day thousands of people are joining in blogging sector. But only a few number of bloggers can survive in the long run. Newbie bloggers have to face different problems if they can overcome they will be successful. Most of the new bloggers don’t know how to get traffic to your new blog? So here I am going to share the best and most simple traffic sources for the new blog.

If you ask a blogger, what is the big problem in blogging? He/she will tell you that traffic is the big problem. It is really easy to start your own blog but generate a good amount of traffic is not an easy task. It is really difficult for most of the beginners. So they always looking for the best and easy traffic sources for a new blog.

This article is for the newbie bloggers who are suffering for want of traffic. Here are 4 traffic sources, these sources are really simple, you can easily generate a lot of traffic from these sources. If you know how to get traffic to your new blog, I hope your journey will be easy.

Traffic Sources For The New Blog

Top 4 Traffic Sources For The New Blog

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are crucial in the age of information technology. It has a great value in blogging sector. Social networking sites are the most important tools to promote your blog and yourself also. These sites are the best and instant traffic sources for the new blog. As a beginner, you do not get traffic from search engines. You have wait until you will be perfect in SEO. But you need traffic then you must target on social networking sites.

Facebook is the best and most popular social networking site. It has been ruling the world for years with billion of users. So you should depend on this site. I hope you are already a user of facebook. You can use your personal profile as your blog profile. If you don’t want to use your personal profile then create a new account for your blog. Connect with different people, send them friend requests who are relevant to you.

Then you need to create your own facebook page and facebook group. Then share the best contents, images and videos on your facebook page, profile and groups. Promote your page and group by joining with a lot of people. Visit other profile, pages, and groups. Like, comment and share other posts to make a relationship.

Facebook Group is another massive source of traffic. There hundreds of groups are available relevant to you. Join all these facebook groups, try to join big groups with huge members. Start sharing your contents on these groups. Read all the terms&conditions of these groups. You should violate their rules.

Google Plus is another massive social networking site. You must be active on this platform. Create your profile on Google+ and connect with other bloggers. Read others contents and like, comment on their posts.

Google+ Communities are one of the best traffic sources for the new blog. There are thousands of related communities, all these communities have huge members. Join these communities and share your posts. You should not share the same content on different groups at the same time.

LinkedIn is my favorite social networking site. It is the biggest social network for the professionals. This site is really popular. You need to join LinkedIn and create your profile with your details.

LinkedIn Groups is just like facebook groups. But LinkedIn group more helpful than facebook group because most of the professionals join these LinkedIn groups. So you have a good chance to get the real customers.

Twitter is an excellent site for the bloggers. You can easily promote your blog on Twitter. This site will be really helpful for you. You can easily increase your followers on Twitter.

Comment On Other Blogs

Blog commenting is one of the most popular ways to get the backlink and instant traffic. It is an important issue of SEO. You can easily make relationships with other successful bloggers by commenting.

If you are a beginner, commenting is really helpful for you and your site. Visit the different blog and read their article to increase your knowledge. Then put your comment with the link to your site. Use active Email address and your real name. Try to make a long comment, a short comment will disapprove. You must comment on high PR blogs, do not comments on low-quality blogs because it has a negative effect.

There are a lot of dofollow high PR blogs, comment on these blogs. You can also use google search, search on google using your keywords and then comment on all these quality sites one by one. There is an important issue, you must comment on your relevant sites. If your site is technology related, you should not comment on travel blogs.

Question and Answer Sites

Question&Answer sites can be a good source of traffic for the beginners. Q&A sites are my favorite source of traffic. You can easily promote you and your blog on these sites.

As a beginner, you can target Quora, it is the best and most popular question& answer site. Create an account on Quora and add your details. Then search for your relevant questions. There are a lot of simple questions, you can answer any question and add a link of your post if it is relevant to that question.

You can easily build your authority on questions and answers sites.

Document or PDF Sharing Sites

I get enough traffic from document sharing sites. There are a lot of document sharing sites. Create your document such as create PDF files of your posts then share on different document sharing sites.

My favorite site is, I get enough traffic from Slideshare by sharing my PDF file. You can also use this site to get traffic to your new blog.


I hope you have enjoyed this article. These are the best and most simple traffic sources for the new blog. If you are a beginner, you need instant traffic sources. These 4 sources not only provide you instant traffic but it also the easiest ways to get enough traffic.

If you can use these platforms properly, I hope your journey will be easy.

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