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You have been seen slow motion videos in TV  Shows and Movies most of the time. These videos look awesome cause of they are taken video with spotlighted cameras and software. If you want to capture slow motion video like that on your android phone, there are beautiful applications on your android phone that can help you call Slow Motion Android Apps. Here I am sharing the list of top apps for your android phone for making slow motion video.

slow motion android apps

Actually, slow motion video is not just limited to high-resolution cameras, you can easily get this feature on your android or smart phone. You will be happy to that if you are an android user you give your videos slow motion touch by Android slow motion apps.

Why you’ll wish to form flick videos, you ask? the flick will create nearly any video fun to look at with a very totally different expertise. Attempt creating a video of yourself talking then slow it down, you may see however fascinating it gets. moreover, there square measure several productive uses of it similarly. you’ll slow a video with visual directions to simply perceive a way to do one thing, parenthetically, a dance move. the chances square measure endless!

Most of the flick video apps additionally supply quick motion options, adding a lot of power to your videos. We tend to square measure planning to list down the simplest flick video apps for a humanoid, each free and paid. You would like to try to choose the simplest app in line with your need.

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Slow Motion Android Apps For Your Android Phone

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow motion video FX is a fast motion video that can help you for creating and recording slow motion video. It is an ad-supported app with a pro version that will remove the ads. If you really hate ads and want to donate for good things then you should the pro version only bought. The app is so simple to use. You can both record a video and make it slow/fast motion video. A video can be slowed by almost half of its original speed or can be made 5x faster. Really it is an awesome app for a movie lover.

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Slow Prow is another great motion video recording app for an android version. This motion video recording app only focuses on its features. This app is better than slow motion video FX but the free version adds watermark to the video. If yu have no problem with the watermark then it a free and perfect app for you. Otherwise, paid and get some amazing features for it.

The main reason why SloPro is, therefore, fascinating is as a result of it’ll allow you to build a video slow or quick in the period. You don’t have to be compelled to specify a speed and a district of a video to create it slow/fast. you’ll be able to simply play the video and begin choosing the speed of your option to build a district of video slow/fast. you’ll be able to amendment speed whereas the video is taking part in, which speed are going to be additional to the video.

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Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool

This is an also ad supported app but it has awesome feature fro slow/fast motion. It is another best slow motion android apps. You can slow the speed to 1.8x fo the original speed and speed it up 8x as well. When you will install the app on your smartphone all the videos in your phone will be displayed on the screen. You will not have to search for the video on your phone. Just select the video which you would like to edit for and you will promote the area which you would like to make slow.

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KMPlayer is really a video player app that supports high definition videos with wonderful dominant options. It’s also included the list of slow motion android apps. One among its feature embodies creating a video play in slow/fast motion. it would not be an obsessive slow/fast motion video app, however, a number of video formats it supports and therefore the quality it offers makes it ok to be during this list. KMPlayer works nicely for the people who need to watch some instructional video in low motion. It didn’t offer any sharing or saving feature. It is good but not best for creating slow motion from others but you can try it for free.

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VideoShop fully featured editing tool for videos. It is also ad-supported and offers tons of editing features. You can edit the video in real time. its features are making the video slow or fast. It is really awesome slow motion android apps for slow video making. You can decrease speed to 0.1x and increase it to 4x when you edit the video in this app on the android phone.

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The last word is these were top 5 slow motion android apps for video recording and making slow/fast. If you have some suggestions regarding the apps mentioned in the list, feel free to comment below. Hopefully, enjoy this post and now you can use these apps without any confusion for creating your movie or nice video on your android phone.

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