How to Start Blogging Successfully: If You Know Nothing.

This article for those who are want to be a blogger but don’t know how to start blogging successfully. Blogging has become one of the most popular professions and it is the best online business. Many people want to be blogger to make money online. Blogging not only a source of income but it is also a great way to share your view and outlook with others around the world.

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If you want to become a blogger, you need to know what is blogging and why people do it. I think most of the people know about blogging and if you don’t know about blogging, you do not want to be a blogger. So I think everybody who wants to become a blogger knows what is blogging. But the main issue is that most of the beginners don’t know how to start blogging successfully. They have no knowledge about to start effectively.

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So I am here with you, I want to tell you how to reach your goal. Here I tell you which way you should go but you need to go by yourself. When I was a newbie blogger, I had no knowledge about blogging but day by day I have learned about blogging. It is really a vast issue and still I have many things to learn. But I am sure that I have already passed my primary step and I  know how to start blogging successfully.

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In this tutorial, I am going to tell you what should you do before start blogging and after starting.

How to Start Blogging Successfully

How to Start Blogging Successfully: Before Staring

You need a Computer and Internet Connection

You know that blogging is an online business. So you need the internet connection, it is the must and you also need a computer or a laptop. This is the age of technology so almost all the people especially the educated people have a computer device and internet connection.

In my country, the internet connection is really cheap and anyone can easily buy a computer or laptop. But there are many people who do not want to buy a computer or laptop and the internet connection is not available in their areas. Then what they can do?

It is really simple, you can easily use the facility of the internet if you have a smartphone. At present, we can not think our civilization without smartphones. Most of the people use smartphones. If you have a smartphone you can use WiFi connection.

Before starting if you have a computer or laptop that’s good. But if you have no then you can work with your smartphone. After starting practically you must buy a computer or laptop.

Start Searching Different Things

It is the most important issue that you need to learn more and more. We know that “a little learning is a dangerous thing” So before starting, you need to know about blogging. If you know well, you can do well. If you have experience then you can do better than others who have no.

From where you can learn, the answer is google. You can learn anything and everything from google. There are thousands of bloggers like me are working day and night for you so that you can do well.

Start searching how to start blogging on Blogger or WordPress? You can see thousands of articles or videos related to your searches. There are two best platforms for start blogging: Blogger and WordPress. I think Blogger is good for the beginners, but WordPress is the best. There is no problem because you can migrate from blogger to WordPress.

You can start your career in blogger because it is free hosted and really easy to handle. You can easily do everything on Blogger.

See videos, read articles to improve your knowledge. Because you need some technical knowledge about your Blogger platform.

I suggest you open a Gmail account and with this Gmail, open a demo blog to try what you learn every day. Search for how to open blog on blogger or WordPress, how to write content, publish, add menu, add navigation, some settings, edit, how to do SEO both one page and off page SEO, how to add a category and many more things.

If someone asks me how to start blogging successfully, I will answer: ask google. It will help you to start perfectly and it also helps you to write for you, for your blog and for your readers.

Try To Connect Directly Who Has Been Blogging 

It is really a good idea that you need to connect someone who has been blogging for years, months. Because he/she know more than you.   He/she can teach you properly. You need a mentor.

When I was a newbie blogger, I didn’t know anything about blogging. I have a cousin and he is younger than me but he is senior in blogging, he has been blogging for four or five years. I got my first inspiration from him. He taught me many things. Every day I tried to connect with him directly on mobile, facebook, or skype and if I had any problem then he told me details about it. I am really grateful to him. So I suggest you google is your best teacher but you will get more benefits if you can connect with any blogger. He/she helps you to know how to start blogging successfully.

These are your primary steps. Go to google and learn something about blogging, blogger, content writing, SEO: on page and off page SEO and more. Then you need to start your final step.

How to Start Blogging Successfully: After Staring

Write Unique, Attractive & Useful Content

Content is the key factor for your blog or website. Without quality contents, you can not be a successful blogger. When you will learn something about blogging and your niche related issue. Share your idea with other people. Share whatever you know.

Remember that quantity is not very much important but the quality of your content is really important. When people find a lot of quality contents on your blog then they will come back to you again and again and google also rank you high.

Before writing, you need to select your topic. Then research your keywords. You also know how to research keywords. The keyword is the focus word. When people search for something such as you search for “Successful Bloggers in India” that is your keyword. At the beginning, you should select low competitive, long tail keywords. You will get thousands of article about keywords research.

When you write content to try to use keywords properly. On page SEO is the most important issue for your content. So you need to know the terms and condition of on page SEO. Do not copy others contents. It is a big offense. Write from your heart then you can win the millions of hearts.

Doing SEO Step By Step

Many bloggers know how to start blogging successfully but they can not do it. Because they are not careful about SEO. But your success in blogging mostly depends on SEO. I know that you can not learn everything from SEO at the beginning. You have to learn by turn.

When I was started my blogging career on, I had to face different problems when I was doing SEO for my site. By day by day, I tried to learn more about SEO. There are a lot of issues are related to SEO. I have learned one by one and do by myself. Now I can SEO for my site.

I want to tell you go google and search for how to do on page SEO and how to do off page SEO for your site. You will get thousands of quality articles that help you to be a master in SEO.

I have already told something about on page SEO. On page SEO is your internal issue such as content writing, keywords, placement of your keywords, title, meta tags and description, multimedia and more issues.

Off page SEO also depends on different things. But the most important issue is to build backlink. You have huge sources that you can build backlink for your site. If you can build enough quality backlinks then you can rank on search engines like google. Go to google and search for link building techniques.


Blogging is not a fun, you can get an awesome life by blogging. But you need to do it properly. There are thousands of successful bloggers around the world. They are making enough money by blogging and they have already become iconic persons among us.

If you want to be one of them, I suggest you learn more then do. You should know how to start blogging successfully so that you can be a perfect blogger. I hope this article will help you if you are a beginner.

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