Top 30 Most Successful Blogs Inspire You To Become A Blogger

Successful Blogs Blogging has become really popular all over the world. It can be your best hobby. Many bloggers have taken blogging as their hobby. I think blogging is the best way to share your knowledge and ideas with the people of the world. You can share what you know. You can easily inspire the people through your blog. Most importantly blogging is a great source of income. You have many options to earn money through your blog. But you have to reach that level. Here is a list of the most successful blogs.

There are million of bloggers and the number of bloggers is increasing day by day. There are some famous blogs that inspire the whole world. These blogs are too much popular and generate million of traffic every month.

Most of the bloggers have inspired by these great blogs. Newbie bloggers try to follow them so that they can be a successful blogger.

It is really easy to start a blog but it is really hard to become a successful blogger and make enough money with your blog.

Many bloggers have already left blogging because they didn’t do what they expected.

If you want to be a blogger like other popular bloggers. You must follow some successful blogs.

There are a lot of popular personal blogs, all those bloggers are earning millions of dollars every month. You have to know how can they do that?

Top 30 Most Successful Blogs

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Huffington Post

Founder:  Andrew Breitbart, Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti in 2005

Topics Cover: Breaking news, world news and more

Monthly Visitors: 110,000,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $2,330,000


Founder: Pete Cashmore on July 2005

Topics Cover: Tech, business, videos, culture, social media and more

Monthly Visitors: 24,000,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $600,000


Founder: Harvey Levin and Jim Paratore

Topics Cover: Celebrity news

Monthly Visitors: 30,000,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $140,000


Founder: Peter Rojas in March 2004

Topics Cover: Technology news, consumers electronics

Monthly Visitors: 14,000,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $300,000


Founder:  Michael Arrington and Keith Teare in June 2005

Topics Cover: Business side tech, breaking tech news

Monthly Visitors: 15,000,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $800,000

Business Insider

Founder: Kevin P. Ryan in February 2009

Topics Cover: Financial, media, tech, industrial elements, and more

Monthly Visitors: 25,500,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $140,000

Boing Boing

Founder: Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair

Topics Cover: Technology, futurism, science fiction, gadgets, and more

Monthly Visitors: 9,800,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $20,000


Founder: Rank Fishkin

Topics Cover: Blogging, SEO, marketing, and more

Monthly Visitors: 5, 950,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $4,250,000


Founder: Peter Rojas in July 2002

Topics Cover: Design, technology, science fiction

Monthly Visitors: 76,500,00

Est. Monthly Earnings: $120,000


Founder: Brian Clark

Topics Cover: Blogging, SEO, online marketing, and more

Monthly Visitors:

Est. Monthly Earnings: $138,000

Perez Hilton

Founder: Perez Hilton

Topics Cover: Celebrity news, Hollywood news

Monthly Visitors: 14,500,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $450,000

Life Hacker

Founder: Gina Trapani

Topics Cover: Life hacks, tips&tricks

Monthly Visitors: 23,250,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $150,000

The Verge

Founder: Joshua Topolsky and Marty Moe in November 2011

Topics Cover: Technology, science, culture

Monthly Visitors: 18,000,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $66,000


Founder: Jason Kottke

Topics Cover: Art, technology, science, visual culture, food, music, and more

Monthly Visitors: 1,250,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $48,000

The Daily Beast

Founder: Tina Brown

Topics Cover: Politics and pop culture

Monthly Visitors:15,500,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $190,000

Smashing Magazine

Founder: Sven Lannartz and Vitaly Friedman in 2006

Topics Cover: Web design and development

Monthly Visitors: 5,700,000

Est. Monthly Earnings:$40,000


Founder: Michael Dobler

Topics Cover: Design, Photoshop, WordPress, and more

Monthly Visitors: 670,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $200,000


Founder: Collis Ta’eed

Topics Cover: Tutoring blog about web design & development, photoshop, video editing and more.

Monthly Visitors: 17,600,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $110,000

Talking Points Memo

Founder: Josh Marshall in November 2000

Topics Cover: Political blog and news discussion forum

Monthly Visitors: 11,900,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $50,000


Founder: Nick Denton and Elizabeth Spiers in 2002

Topics Cover: Celebrities and media industry

Monthly Visitors: 3,200,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $100,000


Founder: Heather Armstrong

Topics Cover: Several topics

Monthly Visitors: 190,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $50,000


Founder: Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebesami in January 2007

Topics Cover: Animal community blog

Monthly Visitors: 13,000,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $100,000


Founder: Anna Holmes in May 2007

Topics Cover: Celebrity news, fashion for women and more

Monthly Visitors: 12,500,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $70,000


Founder: Will Leitch in September 2005

Topics Cover: Sports news

Monthly Visitors: 12,250,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $50,000


Founder: Brian Crecente

Topics Cover: Video game blog

Monthly Visitors: 10,000,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $48,000

Beppe Grillo

Founder: Beppe Grillo

Topics Cover: Politics, comedy, acting and more.

Monthly Visitors: 2,350,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $6000

The Drudge Report

Founder: Matt Drudge in 1995

Topics Cover: News aggregation

Monthly Visitors: 135,000,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $50,000

Timothy Skyes

Founder: Timothy Sykes

Topics Cover: Online trading, making money and more.

Monthly Visitors: 470,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $150,000


Founder: Jake Dobkin in 2003

Topics Cover: News, media, food, culture and other local coverage

Monthly Visitors: 4,100,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $110,000

Smart Passive Income

Founder: Patt Flynn

Topics Cover: Making money online, marketing tips, blogging, and more

Monthly Visitors: 640,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $180,000

Car Advice

Founder: Alborz Fallah

Topics Cover: Car news, car reviews

Monthly Visitors: 2,750,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $70,000


Founder: Darren Rowse in April 2008

Topics Cover: Blogging, SEO, online marketing and more

Monthly Visitors: 980,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $40,000

Slash Gear

Founder: Vincent Nguyen, Chris Davies, and Ewdison Then

Topics Cover: Digital guidelines, smartphones, computing, car, and more

Monthly Visitors: 3,550,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $70,000

Gary Vaynerchuk

Founder: Gary Vaynerchuk

Topics Cover: Social media, marketing, entrepreneurship and more.

Monthly Visitors:870,000

Est. Monthly Earnings: $10,000


These are the most successful blogs. I hope you have enjoyed the list of the great blogs. We have many things to learn from these famous bloggers and their blogs.

Blogging is a life time achievement, you have to work hard to become a money making bloggers. Follow these bloggers and their successful blogs if you want to take you very next level.


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