Top 10 Best Workout Apps for Android: Keep Healthy and Fit

We can not imagine this modern civilization without the smartphone. This is the age of technology and communication. Your smartphone is such a tool just like all in one. You can do many things using your smartphone. Android is the most popular smartphone device. It has come with tons of features. You can not conceive that how powerful your Android device is? The Android device helps you in many ways. You can use this device as your best partner. You can use Android device to keep your body fit and healthy. Just download these best workout apps for your Android mobile or other devices.

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These health and fitness Android apps help you in different ways. At present, people are really serious about the body. They want to keep fit and healthy. If you want to live long in this beautiful world, you should take extra care to your health. You need to take regular exercise. Using some of the best workout apps or fitness apps you will able to maintain good health.

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Healthy life a happy life, you are free from different diseases such as Cholesterol, blood pressure and more. Your Android smartphone make you smart by providing and tricks about health and exercise.

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10 Best Workout Apps for Android

Health is our most valuable asset. Workout and fitness apps inspire you to maintain good health. There is nothing enjoyable just like having a healthy life. Workout apps teach you how to perform new exercises. These apps are suitable for the beginners who don’t know which exercises are perfect for them. Just install any of these apps on your Android device and follow the instructions.

Best workout apps for Android: Runkeeper

Runkeeper is one of the richest health and fitness Android apps. It is just like you real time gym partner. This app has everything you want. You are not along when you are running if you Best workout appshave this app.

This app guides you for the run, walk, jog, bike and any other activities. Using GPS you will get a clear idea of your training. It tracks your progress, you can easily set a goal, helpful for you if you are a busy person, reminds you when you should take exercise and more. You can easily connect with other health and fitness apps, you can also join with your friends. Runkeeper has free and paid version.

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Best workout apps for Android: Virtuagym Fitness

Virtuagym Fitness is another masterpiece for all the Android lovers. If you want to get a real shape of your body then this app is for you. It has 3D animated personal trainer that Best workout appsshows you how to do exercise perfectly just like your gym trainer. You need not any fitness consultant if you have this app.

It contains more than 2500 exercises and the massive exercise database is increasing continuously. This app has 30+ values such as BMI, weight, fat of your body, arm size, chest size, numbers of pushups and other, you can easily track your progress time to time. It is really a rich app.

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Best workout apps for Android: Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is a free Android app. It has different categories for you such as build the base, losing weight, increase muscle mass, increase muscle tone, increase endurance, Best workout appsimprove flexibility and more. All these categories help you to make you fit step by step.

This app has thousands or workouts to help you stay fit. You will get complete guidelines ob your workouts. You can set a goal, you can customize the level of exercise according to your age, gender, and more. It has different photos, videos related to workout, share workouts via facebook, twitter, message, email and more, play your favorite music when working out.

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Best workout apps for Android: Runtastic

Runtastic is a freeAndroid app for the workout. It is a feature rich app. You can add your Best workout apps weekly fitness report, personalized 12 weeks body transformation plan using Runtastic results app. This app tracks fitness workout with GPS and running map.

Video and audio coach services are available, set you yearly running goal, set your fitness goal today, this app provides your weekly fitness report, share your success on facebook, twitter and more.

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Best workout apps for Android: FittnessBuilder


FitnessBuilder is one of the best and richest workout apps that is available for your Android device. This app is really a top class app for you. You can use this app for different purposes.  ThisBest workout apps app contains more than 1000 challenging workouts for all class of people. You can select which one is perfect for you.

It contains about 7000 exercise images and videos so that you can create your own. This app has huge features such as video and audio coaching, drag&drop creation, print your workouts PDF, share workouts with your friends&family, make your fitness plan and more.

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Best workout apps for Android: DailyBurn

Best workout apps

DailyBurn is a top class Android app for health and fitness. There are different Android workout apps it is one of the best and really popular apps. You can turn your Android device into the gym using this app.

It has a free and premium version to get more features. It has a lot of features such as get fit in 30 minutes as day with Daily Burn 365, live workout, beginner friendly workout, daily workout show and more.

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Best workout apps for Android: Nike+Training Club

Best workout apps

Nike+Training Club has more than hundred videos of 30-45 minutes workouts. This app provides you details about different types of workouts. You will get perfect guideline if you use this app.

You can control your workouts, you can also track and physically see your progress. This app calculates the numbers of your minutes, workouts, calories and Nikefuel. You can share your customizable post workout photos and other posters with your friends and community.

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Best workout apps for Android: JEFIT

Best workout apps

JEFIT is one of the most simple workout apps for recording and logging your fitness exercises. Using this app you can easily track your workouts, see the progress, make a routine, manage your stats and more.

It has a massive workouts database. This app is perfect for all types of exercisers but it is designed for bodybuilding and strength training. You will get workout plan, exercising log, progress tracker, workout instructions and more.

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Best workout apps for Android: Fitness Buddy

Best workout apps

Fitness Buddy is perfect for both beginner and advanced exercisers. It is one of my favorite workout apps for its unique features. You have this app that means you are in a gym. This app is free and available for iOS and Android.

This app has more than 300 exercises with details information, animation and more. It has paid version also. If you feel good with free version than you can download paid version that has 1700+ exercises, HD videos, body metrics tracking and more.

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Best workout apps for Android: Daily Workouts FREE

Best workout apps

Daily Workouts is best both for man and woman. This app contains almost all kinds of exercises like exercise for legs, arms, buttocks, abs and more. It has different video training guides that help you how to do all workouts.

It has 10 different 5-10 minutes targeted workouts, 10-30 minutes full body workouts, more than 95+ exercises and more. This app is free for your Android device.

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