Top 10 WhatsApp Unknown Features: Tips and Tricks

Whatsapp is really an amazing messaging app. It has become the most popular app with more than one billion users. You can not believe how popular and perfect this app is! It has also a desktop version besides mobile app. You may know a lot of things about Whatsapp. But still, there are different Whatsapp unknown features that you should know. Most of the people don’t know all the all Whatsapp tips and tricks. This article will help you to discover the immensity of Whatsapp.

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If you have no knowledge about the Whatsapp unknown features, you can not use it properly. You can many things by Whatsapp but you don’t know.

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While you use it every day, you might unaware some of the cool Whatsapp tips and tricks.

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Since Whatsapps the best and most popular messaging application so many people search on the internet for different Whatsapp unknown features.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you some of the best and most important Whatsapp unknown tips and tricks.

Whatsapp Unknown Features


Top Whatsapp Unknown Features

In this technology age, the social network is crucial for us. We are really close to each other. People can share their feelings with our friends within a short time. We are just like a family. There are different messaging apps are available. Whatsapp has already won the heart of users around the world. Now it has become a massive social network and people use this service every day to share their messages, images, and more with their friends.

Whatsapp Unknown Features: Hide the Blue Ticks

You can hide Whatsapp blue ticks. Whatsapp allows you to see when your friend read your message using blue ticks.

Many people don’t like this feature because they think it is a privacy violation. I also think so.

You can easily hide blue ticks from Whatsapp message bubble.

If you are an Android user: Navigate to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Uncheck Read Receipts.

For iOS: Navigate to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Toggle of Read Receipts.

Whatsapp Unknown Features


Whatsapp Unknown Features: Send the Same Message to Multiple People

This is really an interesting feature of Whatsapp that you can send a single message to multiple contacts or users.

Open Whatsapp.

Go to Chats >> Broadcast Lists >> New List >> add the contacts and write your message and then send.

Whatsapp Unknown Features


Whatsapp Unknown Features: Find Who Talk Most with You

You can find who is your most favorite person on Whatsapp. Who talk most with you. This is another excellent feature of Whatsapp.

Open Whatsapp >> Settings >> Account >> Storage Usage >> Select Contact (iOS)

Here you can see the people or groups with the total number of interactions you made with these people or groups.


Whatsapp Unknown Features: You Need Not Typing to Send Message

Sometimes it may be disturbing for you to type message again and again. Whatsapp allows you to send a message without typing.

Just click on the Mic icon and talk your message. It will automatically type your message according to your speak.

Whatsapp Unknown Features


Whatsapp Unknown Features: Marks Chats As Unread

Sometimes we can not read a chat. But this is important for you and you do not want to read at this moment. Then you can mark this chat so that it will remind you later.

If you are Android user: Press on chat >> Open Menu >> mark as Unread

iOS User: Chats >> Swipe left to right >> Mark as Unread


Whatsapp Unknown Features: See How Much Data You Use

You can see how much data you are using on Whatsapp. You can also reduce the amount of data if you want. Select Low Data Usage mode to reduce the amount of data.

Open Whatsapp then Settings >> Data Usage >> Network Usage.


Whatsapp Unknown Features: Send Conversion to Email

You can send all conversions to your Email. It is really easy to do. If you want to store your conversation on your Email then you can do it.

Open Whatsapp then press any contact for a few seconds.

Then you can see a popup window, select Email Conversion option.

Whatsapp Unknown Features


Whatsapp Unknown Features: Share Different Files

Most of the people know you can only share audio, videos and images. But you don’t know that you can share ZIP, EXE, APK, PDF and some big files with it.

At first, you need to install CloudSend and Dropbox application to your mobile.

Open CloudSend, you will be prompted with a link of Dropbox, you need to Allow it.

Share all the files on CloudSend that you want to send to your friend. File will automatically upload on the server.

You will get a link of that file. Send this link to your friend on Whatsapp. Then he/she will be able to download this file when he/she will open it.


Whatsapp Unknown Features: Stop People Seeing Your Message

You can stop people to seeing your message on Whatsapp. But it is not possible on Android. You can do it on your iOS device.

On Android, you can stop personal information showing up on your lock screen.

Go to Whatsapp then Settings >> Notifications >> Toggle off Show Preview.(iOS)


Whatsapp Unknown Features: Hide Your Profile Picture

If you want no one can see your Whatsapp profile picture then you can hide your profile picture. Make it private using this simple method.

Open Whatsapp >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Profile Photo.(iOS & Android)


Whatsapp Unknown Features: Bookmark Important Messages

You can bookmark some of your important message for further use. There are a lot of messages you have, all these messages are not very much important for you. Some of these are really useful then you can bookmark.

If you using Android: Chats >> Specific Chat >> Specific Message >> Hold Down and Press the Star.

iOS: Chats >> Specific Message >> Double tap or Hold Down and Press Star.


Whatsapp Unknown Features: Use Enter Key to Send Whatsapp Message

You can use Enter key on your Android device to send the Whatsapp message. It will be helpful for you.

Open Whatsapp >> Settings >> Chat Setting >> check Enter is send.

Whatsapp Unknown Features



All these Whatsapp unknown features help you to get more facilities from this service. There are hundreds of interesting features you can use on Whatsapp. All these features are really user-friendly so it has become the most popular messaging app around the world.

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