Top 30 Most Important Android Apps: Every User Should Have

There are a different smartphone operating systems. Android is the most popular OS around the world. It has already won the heart of the people. Every people from all corners of the world are using the Android phone. Because it has come with millions of apps that made our life easy, comfortable, funny, fast, entertaining and more. We can do anything we like with our Android phones. There are millions of essential apps for Android mobile in google play store. But all these apps are not equally important for all the users. Here are 30 most important Android apps for almost all the users.

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The Android is a google product and google has done everything for the users on this device. All class of people can use this Android phone because it is really easy to use. I think all the people should use an Android phone in this age of technology. If you want to discover the power of your Android phone you must use these most important Android apps.

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You need to use different apps in different situations. Without using apps you can not use your mobile properly. Your Android mobile is just like a simple mobile without different apps. These apps help you when you need. You can complete different works using various apps.

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Most important Android apps

30 Most Important Android Apps

You need to use different types of apps. Such as you can use communication apps, security apps, video apps and more.

Here I will tell you about the top 30 essential apps for Android mobile.

Most important Android apps: Social Network/Communication


Facebook Android app is available in google play store. You can do everything using this app just like your PC. You can share, update your status, send messages, and more.


Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites. So this the must have app for the Android device. Twitter is a common app. You will get all the instruments on this app so that you can use Twitter properly.


It is the best messaging app. It has billions of users. So you can be one of them. You are really lucky for this Android app.


LinkedIn is one of mu favorite social network. It is the biggest network for the professionals. So it is the must have app for the professionals. It is just like facebook.


Instagram app is available for your Android device. It is a top class photo sharing site. Using this app you can create, share, edit your images. Join with your friends. You can also create images with the Tilt-Shift effect.


Viber is a free messaging and free call service. You can make a free call with your friends who are using Viber. You need the Internet connection. This app is available for Android.


Imo is high-quality video call service. You can make a free video call with your mates using this service. It is really an important app.

Most important Android apps: Security

AVG Antivirus

The virus is really a big problem. But you have a great protection. You can AVG free antivirus app on your Android mobile. This app protects your device from any kind of virus or malware attack.


Avast has a perfect protection against the virus. It is one of the best free antivirus apps for your Android device. It has both free and paid version.

Most important Android apps: Backup

Go Backup

You should backup your data, mobile contacts, messages, call log, all applications you have installed. Go Backup is all in one app that can do everything for you.

Most important Android apps: Browsers

Opera Mini

Opera is an excellent browser for your PC but it is not popular like google chrome and Mozilla Firefox for computer users. For the Android users Opera is the best and most popular web browser. Opera Mini app is available for Android.


Chrome and Android are google products. So there is a good connection between Android and Google Chrome. I have no doubt that google chrome is the best web browser for PC users. It also perfect for Android lovers.

UC Browser

US browser is really a fast and updated browser. This browser uses Cloud Acceleration technique to load the web pages. So you can use UC browser app.

Most important Android apps: Video Sharing


Youtube is the best and most popular video sharing site. It has billions of users. Youtube app is available for your Android mobile. Using this app you can share, download and see any kind of video.

Most important Android apps: Email 


Gmail is one of the best and most useful email apps for the Android users. It is really simple and active app.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is another important app. It supports Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoomail, MS Exchange,, Office 365 and more. You need to use this app for the top class facilities.’

Inbox By Gmail

Inbox by Gmail has become really popular. This app is an experimental app. It works with your google account.

Most important Android apps: PDF Reader

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is best and most popular PDF reader. All most all the users use this app to read PDF documents on their Android devices. This app supports different types of PDF files.

AnDoc PDF Reader

AnDoc is a simple and professional PDF reader app for Android. It has a lot of customization options. It can easily open and read PDF and DJVU files.

Most important Android apps: Video Player 

MX Player

MX Player is my favorite video player app for Android. I  have been using this app for many years. It is really an excellent app for Android if you love to see high-quality videos. This app supports almost all types of videos.


VLC is the best and most popular video software for the computer users. It has an Android app that is also very much useful for Android lovers. This app allows you to see various types of videos.


KMPlayer is one of the best video player app for Android. You can see different types of video with the help of this app. It has a lot of unique features such as cloud storage support, library view and more.

Most important Android apps: Image Editor

Adobe Photo Editor

Adobe Photo Editor has different options with a variety of features to edit your image or photo such as Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Mix and more.

Autodesk Pixlr

Autodesk Pixlr is also known as Pixlr Express. It is such a powerful Android app that you will get every option to edit your image. You can crop, rotate, resize and you can also personalize your pictures with various styles borders.

Most important Android apps: Launchers

Go Launchers

Go Launchers is a stylish, smart and professional app for your Android devices. It is one of the best and popular launcher apps. It has a big collection of themes, plugins, widgets and more.


QQLauncher is another popular app for Android. It is my favorite launcher app. It has a lot of unique features such as theme support, built-in locker, widgets and more.

Most important Android apps: Important Tools

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is a crucial app for Android. This app save the power of your battery. It can extend your battery life.

ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox is a must have Android app. You can easily customize your phone using this app. Change system font, download boot animations, and more.

Most important Android apps:  Entertainment 


you can download wallpapers, ringtones, apps, themes, launchers, different fonts and more on your phone using this app.

Music Paradise

Music Paradise allows you to search for different free music. You can easily download music using this app. You can listen your downloaded music.


You can not imagine that how powerful the Android device is! It allows you to do everything you like. Here I have shared some essential apps for Android mobile.

There are a big collection of apps but all these apps are not perfect for you and it is not possible to install all these apps on your device. These are the most important Android apps to make your life easier than before.

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