Top 6 Best Screen Recorder Android Apps

Android has come to win the heart of the people. It has already added a new dimension in our life. Android can change everything. Now our life is really easy and comfortable for the blessing of Android device. There are different apps we can use for doing different things. Screen recorder app such an important app for our Android device. Here is a list of 6 best screen recorder Android apps.

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There are many apps to record your Android screen. This app is perfect for those who want to record their tutorial videos, gaming sessions, and more. If you are a blogger and writing about Android, you must need these apps to record your screen. Using Screen recorder app you can also record your video chatting or video call and then share with your friends, family.  This is really interesting.

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Here I am going to share some of the best screen recorder Android apps, some are paid some are free. You can use any of these apps.  If you want to get some unique features then you can use paid app because we know that paid one is always better than the free one. Free is also good for those who only need some basic facilities.

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Best Screen Recorder Android Apps

# Mobizen Screen Recorder

 Screen Recorder Android Apps

Mobizen is completely free screen recorder app for your Android device. This app is one of the easiest apps and you need not any root on your phone.

This app lets you create high-quality videos. It supports resolutions 1080P, 12 Mbps, and 60 FPS.

You can capture long videos and it has different video editing features to increase the quality of your videos.

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Screen Recorder Android Apps

Telecine is one of my favorite screen recorder Android apps. This is also a free app. You can capture full resolution videos directly on your phone.

It has no recording controls cluttering up the video or USB debugging notification in your status bar. Just launch an overlay and navigate away from the app. The overlay will remain to allow you to press record when you are in the target app. The overlay will disappear while recording.

Google Play


#AZ Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder Android Apps

This is really a powerful Android screen recorder app. It doesn’t need any root access. It has no time limit, no watermark, ad-free and really easy to use. You can start and stop your recording just one click.

It requires Android 5.0 or above. You can also create screencast video by using simple and elegant user experience design. You can capture fully HD videos. This app has free and pro version. You need $3 for paid version.

Google Play


#Google Play Games

Screen Recorder Android Apps

Play Games is not a screen recorder, it is a fun app. But it has screen recording option.

You can easily record and share your best gaming moments from your mobile games. You can also capture anything on your mobile using this app. It lets you capture 720P and 480P videos.

Google Play


#Rec. (Screen Recorder)

screen recorder Android apps

Rec. is one of the best screen recorder Android apps. Root is required if you want to use this app. This is really a top quality, feature rich app.

If you want a beautiful, flexible, and fully configurable app then I recommend you to use Rec. It has free and pro version. You can capture video with audio via mic using this app.

It has a good looking interface, shows screens touches for the duration of your recording automatically.

Google Play


#Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder Android Apps

Root is required for Android KitKat and below. Screen Recorder is another top class free unlimited screen recorder app for your Android device.

It has no time limit, you can capture unlimited videos. If you use pro version then audio recording and banner during recording will be given. You can make promotional videos, video&audio tutorials using this app.

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Now you can decide which one is better for you. All of these screen recorder Android apps are excellent. You can use these helpful apps without any doubt. Since screen recorder app is really helpful so you need to install on your Android devices without any delay.

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