Top 6 Best Video Sharing Android Apps: Share Your Videos

I think there is nothing enjoyable like watching video on the internet. It is the best and most popular entertainment for the internet users. Almost all the people pass their leisure watching online videos such as movies, sports, tutorial, tricks&tips, interesting video, funny video and more. So video sharing sites have become the most important online technology. I really enjoy watching different types of videos. Since video sharing and watching are really common to all so Android device video apps are the mush have Android apps. Here is a list of 6 best video sharing Android apps.

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These apps are really helpful for you if you want to enjoy your leisure perfectly. You can increase your knowledge. You can discover the beautiful universe by watching videos on best video sharing Android apps.

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Like desktop, Android device is really helpful to do different tasks. You can use your Android device as a source of recreation. Using different Android device video apps, you can share your video, download your favorite video, play the online game, and more.

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6 Best Video Sharing Android Apps

The internet allows us to capture, edit and share our funny, happy moments. Using our Android devices we can do everything. Just we need some excellent platforms to share our cheerful moments with our friends and other people around the World. Android device video sharing apps are such platform that can do a lot for us.

Best Video Sharing Android Apps: YouTube

There are different excellent video sharing Android apps. But most of the people just know Best Video Sharing Android Appsabout YouTube. They think YouTube is only the video site over the internet. YouTube is such a platform of video site that no other sites can compete with this site. This site is immensely popular. So YouTube video sharing Android app is the best and most popular Android app for video.

YouTube is a must have and default app for your Android device. YouTube is a google product and Android is also. So you can not think an Android phone or other devices without YouTube app. There is no limit of this app. You can create, maintain your own channel using this app. You can share, watch, share, and download different types of videos using this app.

Google Play


Best Video Sharing Android Apps: Facebook

You may astonish to see facebook on this list. Because facebook is the largest social networking site with more than one billion users. Video sharing site is one kind of social networking site. Best Video Sharing Android AppsFacebook is not only an image sharing, content sharing, social sharing, social networking site but it is also one of the biggest video sharing sites. If you are a facebook user, I hope you always try to share an interesting video on facebook using facebook Android app.

Facebook is such a site that you can easily build you social network. So you can impress your friend by sharing many videos on facebook. It is not like YouTube because it is a combination of a different platforms. You can easily share, watch and download a video using facebook Android app. It one of the most important apps for sharing and watching videos but you will not get all the facilities that a video app should have.

Google Play


Best Video Sharing Android Apps: Vimeo

Vimeo apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows devices. It is one of the largest video sharing and watching sites.  Vimeo has the largest community for the professional film-makers, Best Video Sharing Android Appsanimators, musicians and other people who love to see and share their videos.

Discover the amazing video from this massive site and upload your own videos with other to impress them using Vimeo Android app. Vimeo app is built for the Android lovers, it is excellent for the large screen. You can watch add free full 1080p HD video, easily manage your profile with your settings, you can share video privately with any people you want. It has the enormous user-friendly unique feature so that you get the best facilities from this app.

Google Play


Best Video Sharing Android Apps: Dailymotion

Dailymotion is another important Android app to find, watch and share the most popular videos. Dailymotion is a massive video site just like YouTube and Vimeo. It has a big collection of Best Video Sharing Android Appshigh-quality videos. You will get videos such as sports, movies, plays, funny videos, and more.

Dailymotion Android app lets you capture and publish video, share your favorite videos with your friends or other video/social networking site, save video to watch offline. You can easily manage your channel, follow your favorite channels, search videos by keywords and browse by category.

Google Play


Best Video Sharing Android Apps: Vine

I add Vine on my list because this is site or app is different from other video sharing sites or apps. Vine is one of my favorite video sharing sites. The Vine app is available as Vine Camera Best Video Sharing Android Appsfor your Android device. If you are focusing on the extremely quick video using your Android device then the Vine app should be your best choice.

You can make quickest, 6 seconds long and auto-looping videos using the Vine Camera app. Vine is owned by Twitter so the Twitter users prefer this app. You can directly post your video on Twitter. This app allows you to save on draft to work later.

Google Play


Best Video Sharing Android Apps: Instagram

Instagram need not any introduction. It is one of the most popular social networking site. The popularity of this site is increasing day by day. Most of the people know it as photo sharing site.Best Video Sharing Android Apps But it is also a secular video sharing site. You can watch, share and download your favorite video using Instagram Android app.

Almost all the Android users use this Instagram app to increase their social connections. Instagram is really a rich site so the app is a must have app for any Android users. You can impress your friends, followers by sharing your favorite, helpful, funny videos. It has a lot of editing options that you can enhance the elegance of your video before sharing. Using Instagram app you can also see the live video from your followers.

Google Play
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