Top 6 Twitter Unfollow Tool: Unfolllow Who Didn’t Follow You

Twitter is really an important social networking site. It is one of the most popular social networking sites around the world. If you are a blogger or website owner, you must join in twitter to get more visitors. You can easily increase the followers on twitter. You need to follow a lot of people every day but can not follow more than 2000 accounts who have already followed you. So you need to unfollow twitter non followers. If you have enough twitter unfollowers you can remove these accounts using twitter unfollow tool.

How to Increase Twitter Followers Easily and Quickly

Since twitter is a crucial social media for you so you need to increase your twitter followers. Following more people is the best way to increase your followers. When you follow a lot of accounts and most of the accounts may not follow back you then you need to unfollow non followers using twitter unfollow tool. Here in this article, I am going to share with you 6 best twitter unfollowers tools so that you can remove inactive twitter non followers.

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Why You Should Use Twitter Unfollow Tool?

There are different reasons for using these tools to unfollow non followers. Such as:

  • To increase your followers you have to follow more people. But you can follow 2000 people more than your followers. So if you want to connect more accounts then you need to unfollow twitter unfollowers.
  • You can unfollow those who are not related to your business, who always blast out various tweets.
  • You can easily analyze your followers.


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Top 6 Twitter Unfollow Tool


Twitter Unfollow Tool


ManageFitter is one of the best twitter unfollow tools. It is widely used and most common twitter unfollow tool. I am using this tool. It has free and pro version. Many bloggers and twitter users use this tool.

It has a lot of unique and attractive features. So you can try this tool to unfollow non followers. ManageFitter shows you the number of unfollowers and followers. You can easily unfollow inactive users from your accounts.

This tool also helps you to tweet in the best time, you can see who unfollow you, track your keywords, you can also identify the fake profiles. If you use pro version you can unfollow 5000 accounts at once.

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Twitter Unfollow Tool

Tweepi is another wonderful twitter unfollow tool. It is useful personal and business purposes. This tool helps you to make your twitter account smarter. You can easily make your account clean and engaged.

You can follow and unfollow people using this twitter unfollow tool. It has different excellent features that attract all the people. This tool has free and premium plans.

Using this tool you can unfollow who have not followed you yet, unfollow specific spam profiles, you can unfollow who are not relevant to you.


Crowdfire App

Twitter Unfollow Tool

Crowdfire is a twitter unfollowers app. It is really popular app. This app is really an effective app to manage your account perfectly.

This is a simple app to unfollow those account who are not following you. You can unfollow maximum 50 accounts per day using the free version.

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Twitter Unfollow Tool

Friendsorfollw is a plain tool to unfollow the accounts who didn’t follow you. This twitter unfollow tool has a unique feature that you can export a list of twitter followers in a .csv file for further use.

You can quickly see the unfollowers to unfollow them. It is a free tool. You need to sign up before using with your twitter, Pinterest or email account.

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Twitter Counter

 Twitter Unfollow Tool

Twitter Counter is one of the best twitter unfollowers tools. It is a feature rich tool to manage your account.

It has a free version so that you can easily track your account and check for the unfollowers. Using this twitter unfollow tool you can add different accounts, compare your competitors, analyze your tweets and more.

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Twitter Unfollow Tool

Untweeps is a great twitter unfollow tool. You can use this tool for different purposes. Using this smart tool you can block your particular followers.

You can scan up to 7500 accounts for free. You can also use the pro version to get more facilities.

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All the bloggers depend on social media traffic. Twitter is such a great social networking site that provides you huge traffic. So you need to enrich your account making a lot of followers.

You need to use twitter unfollow tool to unfollow non follwers. It is a good decision to remove twitter unfollowers using these tools.

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