Top Most 7 Popular Smartphone Operating Systems

I think all the people have knowledge different smartphone brands but very few people have knowledge about smartphone operating systems. They don’t know what is the operating system. But this OS is the most important factor of a mobile phone or smartphone.

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In this smart technology age, the smartphone is one of the most important things. We can not imagine our life without a cell phone. Communication is really important and mobile phone is a big media of communication. At present, the smartphone has reached the top. People are not satisfied with a simple mobile phone. They want more they need more so the smartphone has become very popular.

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There are a large number of companies that produce the smartphone. But without the operating system, your smartphone or cell phone can not run. so you should have knowledge about smartphone operating systems.

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You can choose your best one if you have a clear idea about the best mobile OS.

Best Smartphone Operating Systems

Android Operating System

 Smartphone Operating Systems

Actually Android is my most favorite operating system. The smartphone market is really rich and there different colorful, popular OS is available. But I think Android is the people’s choice. All classes of people and all kinds of people can use this phone just like other simple mobile phone but they can enjoy the power of the smartphone.

I am really grateful to the Android authority for proving such an OS. Android was released on September 23, 2008, by the technology giant Google. They always try to enhance the performance of Android. Now it has become the best mobile OS.

Android has many features such as messaging, multi-touch, screen capture, video calling, web browser, TV recording, Java support, multi-languages, connectivity, Bluetooth, media support, external storage, and thousands of apps for performing different issues.

Apple iOS

 Smartphone Operating Systems

Apple is one of the most powerful and popular technology giants and iOS was developed by Apple Inc. iOS is the second most popular smartphone OS. It has a lot of unique features that can easily make your daily life easy and comfortable.

At present, this OS powers many of the company’s mobile devices with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS is really popular but not for all the people. Because this phone is really expensive and not very much user-friendly just like Android. But I have no doubt on the power and performance of this richest smartphone OS.

It has different features like customizable keyboards, healthkit, handoff, app to app communication, iOS ti Mac AirDrop, iCloud Drive, touch ID for apps, location sharing and more.


 Smartphone Operating Systems

Symbian is one of the best smartphone operating systems. All the people are not familiar with this OS but it has won the hearts of million people.

It is a discontinued mobile operating system and computing platforms for the smartphone. It was originally developed by Symbian Ltd. on 1998. Now it is a property of Nokia. If other companies want to use Symbian they have to take permission from Nokia. Symbian was used by the most popular mobile phone brands like Samsung, Motorolla. Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

At this moment, Symbian is not very much popular just like Android, Apple iOS.

Windows OS

 Smartphone Operating Systems

I think you need not any introduction of Windows because it is the best PC operating system. Windows mobile operating system also very popular. Windows smartphone was developed by the technology giant Microsoft. This Windows OS based phone is really powerful with a lot of apps, features, gaming options and more.

Windows phone has become very popular when Nokia and Microsoft joined together. Now they are working together to produce the best smartphone. Samsung and HTC have also released some Windows phones. Nokia Lumia 800/900, HTC Titan and more are the latest Windows phones.

BlackBerry OS

 Smartphone Operating Systems

BlackBerry OS developed by BlackBerry Limited. This OS was developed for BlackBerry Smartphone. It was released on 1999.

BlackBerry Smartphone is really excellent, it has a unique design and a lot of unique features. BlackBerry OS is a close source OS just like Apple iOS because it is not available for other manufacturers.

It has some intersting features like flow interface, active frames, BlackBerry Hub, touch screen keyboard, time shift camera, BlackBerry app world, BlackBerry Browser, connected calendar, BlackBerry balance and more.


 Smartphone Operating Systems

Bada developed by Samsung. It is a discontinued OS for smartphone and tablet. Bada is not popular like other smartphone operating systems but it has a good demand among the people.

It is a mid-quality OS and it is a user-friendly OS like Android device. Bada was developed by Samsung but they didn’t use this OS on a large scale. So at present, this OS can not compete with other cell phone operating systems.


 Smartphone Operating Systems

Maemo OS was developed by Nokia and Maemo community. They produced an operating system for smartphones, tablets and more.

It has some common features just like other operating Systems. The user interface in Maemo 4 is similar to many hand-held interfaces. Maemo home screen is divided into many sections just like Android such as search bar, RSS feed, differ shortcut icon and more.


We are not very much familiar with smartphone operating systems. But we need to know if we want to get better facilities from our mobile device. Most of the people are familiar with Android, iOS and Windows smartphones but there some other cell phone operating systems are available for you.

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