Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts that Boost Your Productivity

Twitter is one of the most powerful and best social media platforms. How popular and excellent this social media is? I have no doubt that twitter can reach the top of social networking sites in future. After facebook, we know about the popularity of twitter. Twitter is also a micro-blogging platform. Twitter has more than 500 million users around the world. Most of the users don’t know that twitter has a lot of excellent features that will impress them very much. They only know about some basic features of twitter. Here I will a list of twitter keyboard shortcuts that help you to increase your productivity.

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If you want to be an active user, you should use the twitter keyboard shortcuts. Because we know that how important the time is? We can save our time by using twitter keyboard shortcuts. You can easily do many things within a short time. But at first, you need to know the right keyboard shortcuts. Here I give you some most important twitter keyboard shortcuts that will help you very much. All the smart users must enjoy this excellent feature that they can do many things on twitter just using their keyboard.

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts


  • Homepage: g h
  • Your Profile: g p
  • Messages: g m
  • Connect: g c
  • Mentions: g r
  • Users Profiles: g u
  • Notifications: g n
  • Activity: g a
  • Discover: g d
  • Favorites: g f
  • Lists: g l
  • Settings: g s


  • New Tweet: n
  • Direct Message: m
  • Favorite: f
  • Retweet: t
  • Reply: r
  • Mute a User: u
  • Block a User: b
  • Open Tweet Details: Enter
  • Close all Open Tweets: l
  • Send a Tweet: Ctrl+Enter
  • Expand a Photo: o
  • Search: /


  • Next Tweet: j
  • Previous Tweet: k
  • Load More: .
  • Bring up Shortcuts: ?
  • Page Down: Space
  • Search box: /

All these twitter keyboard shortcuts are really helpful for the users. You can try and enjoy the best facilities of twitter. You can save your time and increase your productivity by using these twitter keyboard shortcuts.

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