Unknown Facebook Tricks and Tips: Really Interesting

Facebook is my favorite social media. I am really a big fan of this site. Facebook is my real life friend. You also like facebook because it is the best and demotic social networking site. Facebook is our storehouse of friends. We can make friends from different corners around the world. Using facebook  is really interesting. We can make fun with others on facebook. Facebook has a lot of interesting and important features you may don’t know. Here I will show some unknown facebook tricks and tips.

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Facebook is a big and feature-rich social media. Everybody doesn’t know about all the unknown facebook tricks. If you know more about facebook, you can do more interesting things. So I write this article about unknown facebook tricks and tips for all the facebook users.

Unknown Facebook Tricks and Tips

There are hundreds of interesting features of facebook. Some we know and some features are totally unknown to us. Here I give you some most interesting tricks so that you can enjoy you facebook life.

English(Upside Down)

  • Go to your facebook account. Click on down arrow and select Settings. Now select Language from the new page. Select Edit option in front of  What language do you want to use Facebook in? Now select English(Upside Down) from the drop down menu. Finally, Save Changes.

Unknown Facebook Tricks

  • Now you will see a cool and funny upside down text like below.

Unknown Facebook Tricks


Randos At Tricks

  • Type randos at + any company in the s facebook search bar and press enter. Now you see all the people who are working on this company. Type randos at google on facebook search bar and press enter. Then you will show all the people who are working at google.

Unknown Facebook Tricks


Saving Browser

  • It is really one of the interesting and important unknown facebook tricks. Go to Settings by clicking down arrow. Then select Security and then click on Edit from Login Alerts. Then select Get notifications and then Save Changes. If you try to log in from another browser or device. You will get a notification like below.

Unknown Facebook Tricks


Upside Down Text

  • It is one of the funniest unknown facebook tricks. You can tag upside down text with your friends and share on your timeline, just fun. Go to www.upsidedowntext.com and write something on the upper box then copy the upside down text from below and share this text with your friends.

Unknown Facebook Tricks


Hide Specific Friend on Chat

  • Click on gear button near chat and select Advanced Settings…

Unknown Facebook Tricks

  • Now write down the name you want to hide from chat. Then click on Save.

Unknown Facebook Tricks


Hide Post from One Friend

  • Write your post. Click on down arrow near Public. Now select More Options then Custom.

Unknown Facebook Tricks

  • Now enter the name you don’t want to share your post. Then Save Changes.

Unknown Facebook Tricks

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