Why Use Long Tail Keywords in Your Content

Keywords are the most important factor to rank in search engines easily. You need to know how to select perfect keywords. Keywords research has become very popular among the bloggers, webmasters, SEO experts and more. All they know the right keywords are the most mighty component that makes your post able to reach the top of search results. Spend more and more time when you research keywords. There are different keywords research tools that help you find out perfect keywords. Generally, there are two types of keywords we use on your contents. Short keywords and long keywords. It is highly recommended to use long tail keywords. But you must want to know why use long tail keywords?

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Of course, there are some good reasons behind anything better. Why long tail keywords ar better than short keywords? There are some big reasons behind this factor. I will discuss here detail about why use long tail keywords?

The keyword is such thing that helps people searching for what you have to offer to find you. You can not reach the door of searchers unless you write an article with proper keywords. Some people don’t know why use long tail keywords? I want to say then that in this modern SEO long tail keywords are the most significant and fundamental element to build your content marketing strategy. So you may understand why use long tail keywords, this is the must.

What are Long Tail Keywords

I want to come to the key point. You are really crazy to know about the long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are those keywords that contain more than three words. This type of keywords is use more by the searchers on google. Long-tail keywords are longer and more descriptive.

Short keywords contain only one or two words so these type keywords are competitive keywords. It is much more difficult to rank in search engines using short keywords than long tail keywords. Short keywords have high search volume and high CPC rate but it is not for you because you can not do anything if you will not rank on google. On the other hand, long tail keywords have low search volume or low CPC but you will rank better to get enough targeted visitors.

Here in this article, I want to share some most important reasons why use long tail keywords in your content?

Why Use Long Tail Keywords

Why Use Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords can be your perfect choice to rank in google and get more organic traffic. Using long tail keywords is an important SEO strategy. It is really easy to work with long tail keywords than short keywords. Just see why use long tail keywords in your content.

Check What Google Says

When we need something, we search in google. We use differents keywords for different purposes. Sometimes we search with short keywords and sometimes with long tail keywords. You will see different results when you search differents keywords.

If you search SEO on google then SEO is your keyword. You will see millions of results in front of you. All the sites that appeared are top rank and really famous. It is really difficult for you to compete with these types of high page rank, high DA, high authority sites. So using only SEO keywords you will not rank in google.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords

But if you use long tail keywords you will see the search results are much lower than before. Such as you search using SEO for the Beginners pdf  keywords. Then you see the below results. That’s great.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords

Now I am sure you understood how perfect the long tail keywords are?

Check in Google Keywords Planner

Google keywords planner is the best keywords research tools. Most of the experts use this tools for researching proper keywords. You can check using this tool why use long tail keywords.

When you want to write an article using SEO keyword. Search SEO in google keywords planner. You see the competition will be medium and millions of average monthly search. So using SEO keywords you can not do better because SEO is really a competitive keyword.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords

When you use long tail keywords such as Search engine optimization tutorial or search engine optimization training. Then you will get better results that help you to rank in google easily.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords

Get more Targeted Traffic

Long tail keywords are natural keywords. People prefer to search using long tail keywords. Because it helps them to get exact the information. So long tail keywords help you to get more targeted traffic.

Rank Easily in Google

If you write an excellent for the readers. But you have selected high competitive keywords, you will not rank in google. So you will not get organic traffic from google. The ranking is the most important factor to get more organic traffic that increases the reputation of your site. But it is too much difficult to rank in google using short keywords. So you need to use long tail keywords.


Friends, you should be more careful in keywords researching. You can use more than one tools because there are several keywords research tools on the internet. Your hard work helps you to select perfect keywords. I hope you are really clever and now you know why use long tail keywords.

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