Top 10 Web Analytics Tools For Tracking Website

If you are an entrepreneur at blogging or in websites you must need to know that about tracking your site for its spreadsheets, tracking sales, stock, upcoming orders, expenses, visitors and much more but how can you do this individually? are you confused?. For this first, you have to know implement your sites in any good tracking or web analytics tools. Then it will serve you all the information data about your site’s. Which you couldn’t be getting individually. In this recent post, I will be clarifying this case that means about Web Analytics Tools. Actually,  Analytics tools is an illustrious brainchild for online websites. It provides us all the information of our websites as like as Visitors, Geographic, Site Linking, Backlink, SEO. I will give you top 10 web analytics tools. If you use one of them you can track your site easily. So, follow those bellow.

web analytics tools

10 Web Analytics Tools

1.Google Analytics: Google Analytics is one of the best tools that most people start with. It’s not a bad tool at all and also it gives pertinent information. Finally, it’s a free tool but so strong from others for that, most of the people use this for their blog sites. I highly recommended that for your blog or authority sites but would not recommend this tool for affiliate sites. If you want then you can no matter. This tools any website owner use for getting web data and track their web traffic. By using it you get to see which keywords are bringing the most visitors to your post or pages. This tool will generate a report for your websites with visitors information, traffic source, goals, content, and E-commerce.

2.MOZ Analytics: Moz is one of the best internets search engines marketing companies and  web analytics package. It helps you for track your website’s search marketing, social media marketing, brand marketing, link and content marketing efforts all in one location. From here you can rally get a lot of information about how to improve your SEO for your companies or websites. Although it doesn’t actually measure your traffic but it is an awesome tool for web analytics.

3.True Social Metrics: Social media is the indescribable part for the online business or personal blogs. If you are a finder about social media’s Analytics I recommended you True Social Metrics. Using this tools easily identify which topic your audience find most interesting and also help which post are best across in social media.

4.Clicky: Clicky is one of the most extensive tools on all over the market. It makes a report which you may need. Clicky shows you each individual visitors of your websites.

5.KISS Metrics: It tells you a great detail about your sites also what your visitors are doing on your website. Most of the time Google tell you what is happening is websites but KISS Metrics tells you who is doing and when. It helps you about your websites strongest and weakest features point.

The Web Analytics Tools

6.Woopra: Woopra is another strong real-time analytic tools. It helps you about your website’s page views, events and learn about your real customers. Woopra also provides information about your customer activity.

7.Go Squared: Go Squared has a nice looking design and it is also a real time visitor tools. By spending the simple time you can use this tool for your blog or business sites. It is really an intuitive tool for all user. You can use it for your sites easily.

8.BuzzStrem: Actually BuzzStrem helps you for link building research and social media research for the better result. You can sign up for both options or either. It has one of the most comprehensive interfaces.

9.BrightEdge: BrightEdge is highly used for SEO( Search Engine Optimization). If you are interested in better SEO in your sites then you can forward with this tools without any confusion. It includes information on backlink, traffic, competitors, devices and more. It also includes daily ranking and local search.

10. FoxMetrics: FoxMetrics is another tool that helps customer engagement in real-time visitors. By using it you not only track the customers are doing but also you track what email they are opening , what products the are purchasing and more.

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