Best 10 Free Website Speed Test Tools

The speed of a website depends on its quick success. A faster loading website can be help for higher SEO ranking, lower bounce rate, longer visitors duration on your site, higher conversation rate, better user experience, engagement and so many. That’s why you should look up your website’s speed. For it you first you test your website in any website speed test tools and ensure its speed.

Website Speed Test Tools, Speed Test Tools

Website Speed Test Tools

Google Webmaster Wants Your Site to Load in Less Then a Second

Now we discuss just a few common ways websites speed test tools are used. let’s see,

  •  Checking minifying of your scripts.
  • Pointing scripts, fonts, and plugins (HTML, Java Scripts, CSS).
  • Finding large image images resulting.
  • Determining reader-blocking JavaScript or CSS.
  • (TTFB)- Testing time to first byte.
  • Analyzing total load times and page sizes.
  • Checking different speed in the different browsers.
  • Analyzing HTTP headers.
  • Verifying CDN.
  • Measuring performance of your content delivery.

Now I will share with you a list of website speed test tools with 10 number. I hope that you are clear about speed test. Now you just test your site using these sites from bellow.

Top 10 Websites Speed Test Tools

1.Google PageSpeed Insights

Google page speed insights is an awesome tool for website speed test. It’s a tool which grades your websites on a scale of 1-100. the higher the number the better optimized your site is. If that given you 85 or up out of 100 then your website is performing well. PageSpeed gives you a report for both option desktop and mobile version of your site. PageSpeed gives you a report about the description of how to improve your site speed and others as like CSS or Optimize your

2.Pingdom Tools

Pingdom is a website monitoring service tools that service you free speed test for your website. Actually, it is an effective tool and totally free fro blogger or internet marketer. It provides you performing report, page analytic and history of your website with performance report based on several important factors.


GTmetrix is a free tool that grades your websites speed and it is work nicely with its own best performance. GTmetrix provides you not only websites speed test results but also it provides you 30 different ways for improving your site. With a free registration, you can test from seven different location. its report divided into five different section including  YSlow, Page Speed, waterfall breakdown, history and video. It also let you choose the browser Chrome VS Firefox.


WebPageTest is a free online website test tool that displays your loading time of your webpage as well as 6 different performance grade. After testing a website in this tools, you get some suggestion with a checklist for improving your site. It has a cool feature which serves you a country selection option for testing your site.


YSlow is a free plugin for your web browser as like as chrome and firefox. Which can check the performance any website which you can visit? It provides you website speed test also will provide more than 20 different performance grade.

Website Speed Test Tools


DareBoost is one of the new tools in the online market. It provides 100 different checkpoints when to analyze your site for the speed. It gives you a score of 1-100. You can test on desktop vs mobile, firefox vs chrome and fire different locations. With a free account, wou can export your website report in a PDF file. The report also have SEO system, code quality and other option included.

7.Varvy Pagespeed Optimization 

Vervy pagespeed optimization is a tool which developed and maintained by patrick sexton. who also created which is now MOZ Local. It is provide five different section including a resource diagram, css delivery, JavaScript, page speed, and services used. Patrick will an excellent job of additionally together with documentation on the way to additional optimize your web site with tutorials on important render path, investing browser caching, defer loading javascript, and far a lot of.


Uptrends area unit pretty basic however they are doing supply over thirty-five locations to decide on from once running your speed check. Their report is shifting into 2 sections, a body of water breakdown and domain teams. The domain teams supply a novel perspective because it categorizes the resources into completely different sources: first party, statistics, CDN, social, ads, initial party overall, and third party overall.


dotcom-monitor offers twenty-three totally {different|completely different} locations and 7 different browsers within which you’ll run your website speed take a look at. Their distinctive feature is that you simply will run all geographical tests at the same time. this may prevent a great deal of your time, as each different tool you have got to run them severally per location. you’ll then click on every individual report and or falls breakdown.
Their reports ar divided into 5 completely different sections that embody an outline, performance, falls chart (breakdown), host, and errors.


PageScoring is all regarding giving a straightforward and simple to know performance report with a minimalist style. They show your overall load time and so the subsequent items of information:
  • Domain lookups
  • Connection Time
  • Redirection Time
  • Page Size
  • Download Time

You can then see your assets and the way long it took for every to load. If you’re trying to find a fast and simple web site speed take a look at tool, this works pretty sensible.

Hopefully, now you are totally understood about Website Speed Test Tools and I prefer you those tools for your site which I descrived.

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