What Types of Content Drive more Traffic

Content is the king of your site, I think everybody knows this. We write different types of contents on our blogs. The main purpose of writing content is to get enough traffic. But you can not say that you will get enough traffic if you publish a great content. This depend on what types of content you have created? If you want to get a decent amount of traffic you need to know what types of content drive more traffic? If you just write and publish but don’t think about the type of your content, how can you expect to get enough traffic? Because experts always say that the types of your content can be a good technique of content marketing.

Bloggers always looking to grow their audience and they try in different ways. If they know what types of content drive more traffic and try to write those types of contents, they will able to drive more traffic.

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Content marketing is a big challenge for us. But there is another challenge and that is the ability to select proper types of content. You need to deliver perfect information to your audience so that they trust you and back to you again and again.

You need to realize all types of content is not for you. Some contents will make you a real hero and build your personal brand. You have to realize the demand of your audience. Keep in mind your targeted audience and try to guess what types of questions always run after them. Then you will become a real writer. In this article, I want to help those who want to know what types of content drive more traffic.

What Types of Content Drive more Traffic

What Types of Content Drive more Traffic


Infographics are one of the most recommended types of contents that drive more traffic. It has a great demand among the users. Readers like this types of content. But it is not easy to create perfect infographics. You need have knowledge about graphics design. You can hire a designer to work for you but it is costly. Don’t do yourself if you can’t.

An infographic is a way that helps to deliver data and information visually. It is a big image with a lot of data,information, research, and stats. Infographic is visually appealing and most of the people like more this type of content than other types of content. Experts said that the infographics shared on social media up to three times more often than other content. You can use Visual.ly service to create infographics.


Many people ask me what types of content drive more traffic to their sites. I want to say that there are different types of content that help you to get much more targeted traffic. Lists type of post is one of them. I can say from my experiences, I get a lot of organic traffic every day from my lists content.

It is really easy to create lists content. Just pick a topic then pick the number and write your list using simple format. Try to provide detail about the topic on your list. Long lists are better than the short lists.


The meme is another popular type of content that drives more traffic. It is really easy to make. Memes are viral and hilarious also. I like to create memes. But keep in mind excessive is always bad. Don’t overuse memes because  overusing may decrease the value of your content.

This is really a good news that memes don’t need any graphic design skills. You can use Meme Generator or Quick Meme to add your own text to popular memes images. It is really a good idea using memes with your post URL when you are sharing a post in social media. It helps your post go viral within a short time.


Videos are also really popular and trusted types of content. It is really easy to understand anything by a video. You can say detail about something on videos. You can easily create any types of videos. It is attractive and drive more traffic to our site.

Videos are amazing and love by all the users. You can get the idea from videos sharing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo and more. When you share your videos on video sharing sites you will get a large amount of traffic.

How-to and Tutorials

How to guide and tutorials are the excellent type of content that drives more traffic. If you worry about what types of content drive more traffic? You can add how to guide and tutorials in your list.

But you think deeply about the problem of your readers. Identify the problems that your audience has. Then think about how to solve this problem easily. Try to give the best solution to that problem.


We learn more from our superiors. We get inspiration from them and they are out leaders. Every people want to know more about those people who have already built their careers in this industry. If you are a blogger, you need to know how to get success and famous bloggers can lead you to success if you know more about them. So interviews type of content is really popular among us.

Find the person who is special in your niche. Introduce the interviewee and tell the users why that person is special for us. Ask proper and relevant questions that will help the readers.


Podcasts help you to build your personal brand. The podcast will not send you traffic directly but it helps you if you have a long-term plan. You can easily create a podcast just you need a microphone and some technical knowledge. People prefer to listen to a podcast while they travel or exercise.

Case Studies

Case studies are also an excellent type of content that drives more traffic. The case study is a way to show off your service or product and why your products and services are important for the clients.

Try to be genuine when you write a case study. Write a summary of the study and preview also of the outcome. Discuss the results of your solution. Try to write a long post with proper images and resources.

Products Reviews

Products reviews are crucial for all the bloggers who want to get more targeted traffic. It is not only for traffic but it also increases your online earnings. Especially, the affiliate marketers know about the importance of products reviews.

When you write reviews of software, products, and service of some big companies you will gain reputation and respect also. Just select the best products and write the proper reviews so that clients attract more.

Download Resources

Download resources are very important for the users. Because we have to download a lot of things every day. Most of the people download something such as ebooks, templates, software programs, video tutorial or training, audios, webinars and more from online. So if you write the article about download resources, you will definitely drive more traffic to your site.


All these types of contents can be your great resources. I want to say that you should not publish only one or two types of contents. Write different types of contents, it will help to drive more traffic from different resources. If you have any confusion about what types of content drive more traffic then read this article. I hope you will enjoy most.

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