Who Should Not be a Blogger Know Before Starting

Every day thousands of people are joining in the blogging sector. But all these people will not reach the goal of success. Many of them will give up blogging after doing some days,months, even year. There are different reasons why people fail at blogging. I have already discussed these reasons. So today I do not want to tell you details about it. Here I only tell you who should not be a blogger.

Nowadays blogging has become one of the most popular professions. Especially young generation choose blogging as a source of income. They are doing very well. The number of students bloggers are increasing. Because students have no pressure for earn money. Blogging is not a quick way to earning money.

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Bloggers around the world started blogging for different reasons, some people started blogging from curiosity, some take it as fun. Some people started blogging for publicity, some people just for money, some people from passion and more. But all the people who started blogging will not prove themselves as successful bloggers. I want to tell you that you must have some qualities to be a successful blogger. A successful blogger should have a collection of some blogging qualities that make him/her great.

Here I am going to tell you who should not be a blogger. There are some qualities belong to you bad or good but bad for your blogging career. If you have these qualities you should not see your future in blogging. This article tells you who should not be a blogger and why.

who should not be a blogger

Who Should not Be a Blogger


Hard-working is the most important quality of a successful blogger. Without hard working, no blogger can do better in this sector. I know from hundreds of successful bloggers that hard-working is the key to success. They always say that you must be an industrious person if you want to reach your goal. I think if you ask them who should not be a blogger, they will answer you, lazy people.

There are a lot of people who have many good qualities but they are lazy. They should not start blogging. They can do well in other sectors but in blogging sector, you must be laborious. So why you waste your time if you are a lazy person. Because hard-working is the must.


If you ask me who should not be a blogger, I answer you, impatience people. I know from my experience that how important the patience is? Patience is the best and most powerful quality that a blogger must have. Without patience, you will not go far. If you see the history of some successful bloggers, you will see how patient they are? They had to wait years and years for their success.

We see there are a lot of bloggers who have no patience for success. They want a quick result. Some people try to reach the top as soon as possible. But it is not really good habit. If you are an impatient person, you should not be a blogger.


Blogger must be a disciplined person. They have to work time to time. A successful blogger always tries to maintain regularity in his/her work. They write, publish and do other works time to time. So the readers find them helpful and they come back to them again and again.

If you are an indiscipline person you should not be a blogger. Because blogging is not a fun, you must work on the right. You have to maintain regularity, otherwise, your all efforts will go in vain.


Many people think that blogging is a great way to earn enough money. They also think that blogging is one of the quickest ways to earn money online. But the reality is not like that. Blogging is not the easiest way to earn money. When you start blogging just for money. You will not do well in this sector. I think most of the bloggers who already given up blogging only for money. They failed to earn enough money so can not continue blogging.

It is true that the successful bloggers earn enough money. But it is not possible for you if you want to do it within a short time. Successful bloggers know that money will come but at first, I need to show my quality. When you build a great blog, money will automatically come to you. But the greedy people only focus for money.It is one of the negative qualities who should not be a blogger. So it is not possible for greedy people to build an excellent blogging career.


Blogging is like an adventure. Successful bloggers like to take the new challenge. Blogging is like a race. You have to win this race if you want to be a successful person. You have to face a lot of difficulties in the journey of blogging but you can overcome all the obstacles if you are an adventurous person.

If you are timid, you can not take the challenge of blogging. It is one one of the worst qualities among the people who should not be a blogger.


Friends, you must know who should not be a blogger before starting. Because if you have one of these qualities you should not be a blogger because you will not win. So why you waste your valuable time? I share here from my own experience, I know these qualities can ruin your blogging career. So you should know who should not be a blogger.

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