Why Bloggers Don’t Get Traffic on Their Blogs

Before starting blogging all the bloggers think that they will get huge traffic on their blogs. They will become a successful blogger by getting huge traffic. But the reality is not like that. Getting enough traffic on your blog or website is not too hard but not very easy. In this article, I will show you why bloggers don’t get traffic on their blogs. I have learned from my experiences. I suffered for want of traffic. So I want to give you best idea that why bloggers don’t get traffic enough.

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There are thousands of bloggers who have already given up blogging only for traffic. Many bloggers have been blogging for several months but they do not see any improvement in traffic. So they are really disappointed. Friend, you should remember that we do not get a good thing without doing anything. I know blogging is an excellent career. So you must go in the right way if you want to get something from blogging.

Traffic or visitors is really important for our blogs. When we get enough traffic, we get more benefits from our blogs. A lot of traffic can bring the real success for us. So we need to know how to get more traffic ad why bloggers don’t get traffic.

Here I share with you some of the most common reasons why bloggers don’t get traffic.

why bloggers don't get traffic

Why Bloggers Don’t Get Traffic

You are not Serious

It is a big reason why bloggers don’t get traffic to their blogs. There are a lot of bloggers who are not serious about blogging. They only started blogging from curiosity. They do not want to be a blogger so why they get traffic on their blogs. Because they do not maintain blogging rules and regulations. They don’t know what is blogging, why should I do it, how to do it. So who are not serious about blogging, they will not get traffic.

Not Doing Keywords Research

I know how important the keywords research are? If you want to rank your post on search engines to get organic traffic. You must select the best keywords for your content. Many bloggers are not serious about keywords research. Don’t they know how important it is? So they can not rank their post on Google.

I can say that if you can select perfect keywords , you will easily rank your post without any off page SEO. It is very important for the newbies. Because they don’t get traffic from search engines easily. But if they can select the best keywords and write SEO optimized article. They will rank in search engines quickly and get a lot of traffic.

Ignore On Page SEO

There are two types of SEO such as: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Both SEO are important for your blog or website. But on page SEO is more important than off page SEO. If you write an on page SEO optimized article and publish it. You will get enough traffic from search engines without any off page SEO.

Search engines like SEO optimized content. On page SEO is the key factor to rank your article in search engines so that you can get enough organic traffic. Title tags, meta tags, meta description, keywords density, using heading tags, image alt tags, and more are related to on page SEO. Ignoring on page SEO is a major reason why bloggers don’t get traffic.

Avoid Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an excellent way to get huge traffic. When you comment on other blogs, you will get real visitors. Because who enter your site by seeing your comment is the  like minded people. The comment also helps you to increase your knowledge. You can ask questions to other bloggers and they will answer you. It is a great way to make relation with other successful bloggers.

But you should be careful when you comment on others blogs. Always try to build backlinks on high PR related sites. If you comment on low PR sites, it will be harmful to your site.

Not Serious About Social Media

It is one of the big reasons why bloggers don’t get traffic that they are not serious about social media. Today is the age of social media. People are using social media in everywhere. They seek out anything in social media. All most all the people in the world are connected to social networking sites. So you may understand how important the social media is?

Search engines analyze your social media activities when it ranks your site. Social media is a great source of traffic. If you can rich your social media profiles and share your posts every day you must get huge traffic. So take social media as your real friend.


Blogger should be a disciplined person. They should publish content time to time and do other work regularly. Regularity helps you to get a good impression of the visitors. They will come back your site again and again  if you maintain regularity. Irregularity is a major reason why bloggers don’t get traffic.

Many bloggers are lazy, they are not serious about their blogs. They work on their blogs whenever they wish. So why they expect enough traffic on their blogs.

Blog Design

Blog design is important for you. A good design always attracts the people. People like smart, update, easily usable design. Your blog design encourages your visitors to come back your site. Search engines like a good design. Blog design is also a factor to get high page rank.

You should create your blog design for search engines and traffic. Some bloggers make this mistake that they are not careful about blog design. Visitors come to their sites but they put away from those blogs without seeing anything.


We need traffic for our blogging success. But at first, we need to know why bloggers don’t get traffic enough on their blogs. There are some reasons behind this factor. I have shared here some basic reasons that why bloggers don’t get traffic. Hope you enjoy my article and you will be careful about these mistakes.

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