Why Image is Important for Blog Post: 6 Powerful Reasons

Content is the king of your blog and an image increases the power of that king. I always try to use at least one image on my every blog post. I also tell all the bloggers that they should use ta least one image in their each blog post. A great article is a combination of text, images and other multimedia such as video, infographic. Only providing valuable information you can not attract your visitors. So you need to know why image is important for blog post?

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I think you may looking for more traffic on your site. Some bloggers get huge traffic but some don’t get at all. You don’t know that there are a lot of bloggers who get enough traffic by their images. You can also get more traffic by images. My article is for those people who want to know why image is important for blog post?

I think an image can attract your visitors more than texts. Readers try to understand your article by seeing your images. So you need to add a catchy image in every blog post so that you can attract the attention of your readers. Many bloggers don’t know why image is important for blog post? This article will take care that peoples.

Why Image is Important for Blog Post

Why Image is Important for Blog Post

Make Your Article Attractive

Without an image, you can not make your article pretty. We try to decorate our blog posts so that readers like it very much. But without using images it is not possible to make a fascinating article. An image can make your article visually appealing.

But you need to use relevant image otherwise, your all efforts will go in vain. When people read your article having a nice image, they get more pleasure. You must like that thing which looks attractive. Your readers always looking for a catching article with an excellent image.

To Understand Something

It is a big reason why image is important for blog post. By using an image writer tries to deliver something. There are some articles that you must use an image in every step so that readers can understand your topic. Such as step by step article where you need to discuss everything by targeting on your image.

When I write an article about how to sign up Gmail. Then I need to give an image in every step otherwise, readers will not grasp everything.

Get More Traffic

You may not know that your images can be a massive source of traffic. If you want to get image search engine traffic, you must use the image in your blog post. But there are some bloggers who are not careful about images. Especially the newbies don’t know why image is important for blog post.

If you can optimize your all images properly, you will get enough traffic from image search engines. You need to use Alt text and image description.

Encourage Social Sharing

This is the age of social media. This social media is a crucial issue for your blog. When a reader shares your contents on social media, you will get more traffic. Social media sharing also help you to promote your blog.

You know about Pinterest and Instagram both are the most popular images sharing sites. When you use unique images on your blog, people will encourage to share these images on Pinterest and Instagram.

Images Leave an Impression

You need to do such thing so that people can remember your site. It is really important to establish a brand. When people remember you they will come back to your site again and again. But how it can possible? Images are the best option to make people remember you.

When you use eye-catching images on your blog posts, people can easily remember you.

Improve Your SEO Score

SEO or search engines optimization is the most important issue for your blog/website. Everything on your site related to SEO. You must be careful about SEO if you want to be successful.

There are two types of SEO, On page and Off page. One page SEO is more important than Off page SEO. Using an image on blog post is an on-page SEO factor that increases your SEO score. When you add relevant images and optimized these images perfectly, you will reach the door of search engines easily.


I hope you understand why image is important for blog post? Try to use an image in your each blog post. You must have image sharing option on your blog so that anyone can easily share your excellent images on their profiles.

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