Why Internal Links are so Important for your Site

In this article, I am going to tell you why internal links are so important for your website or blog. Internal linking is an important  Search Engine Optimization technique. Internal links help you to increase your SEO score.

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Although there are a lot of bloggers ignore the importance of internal links. But this is crucial for your site. Many people don’t know why internal links are so important for positive SEO?

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There are different SEO issues, you need to try to follow all the SEO techniques if you want to get higher page rank. There are some SEO techniques that are essential for your website or blog. An internal link is such an important issue that you need to build internal links.

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You should not deny internal linking. You have to know why internal links are so important in SEO?

In SEO, both external links and internal links are important. In this article, I will tell you what is the internal link and why internal links are so important?

What is Internal Link

An internal link is a hyperlink that targets to a page or post on the same website or blog. It is an essential SEO technique that links to one page from another of the same domain.

An internal link connects one page or post to another related page or post but on the same site.

Why Internal Links are So Important

Why Internal Links are So Important

We can not neglect the importance of internal links. Here are some reasons why you should build internal links on your site.

Make Your Site User-Friendly

We always try to give the best facilities to our users. We do many things that we can make a perfect site for our readers.

An internal link is such a great issue that makes your site more user-friendly. Visitors get more benefits from internal links. It provides your audience with more reading options.

Make Your Blog Navigable for Readers

Many bloggers always think about search engines. How can they make their sites search engines friendly or SEO friendly? But you need to think only search engines are not important for you but the visitors are also crucial for your site.

It is really interesting that internal link is such a technique that makes your site both users and SEO friendly. Internal links make your website navigable for the users. They can easily navigate from one page to another.

Google Crawl and Index Your Site Easily

Internal links help google to crawling and indexing your site easily. If you can create internal linking properly then google bots easily catch your all pages or posts easily for crawling and indexing.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an issue of search engines ranking. Internal links help you to decrease your bounce rate.

Bounce rate is an important factor that’s why internal links are so important?

When the readers find other related posts or pages on the current page or post then they want to stay more time on your site. Thus your bounce rate will decrease.

Improve Page Rank

Page rank from google is the most important indicator to justify a website or blog. The high page rank site is top in quality.

Internal links help your site to get high page rank from google. Because the internal link is an SEO issue and it increases your SEO score. If you have a good SEO score then ultimately you will get higher page rank from google.

Spread the Link Juice to other Pages

Not only the external links but also the internal links help to spread the link juice to other pages or posts of your website.

If you have a page with higher rank and authority, you can place this page link to another page with lower rank and authority. Using the strength of high ranking page your low ranking page will perform better.

Over to You

Internal linking is good for your better SEO and your users. You must add internal links to your every post. If you want to get more visitors then the internal link is the must.

But you need to place your links properly. Otherwise, you will not get any benefit.

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