How to Write SEO Friendly Content Tips for Better Ranking

We know the importance of content for a blog or website. Without having a lot of quality contents, you can not imagine your success in blogging. People need proper information so they come to your site. When they find your site is important for them. They will back to your site again and again. Mainly in this post, I want to discuss how to write SEO friendly content for your blog or website.

When you write an awesome content providing all the information for the readers. But if you don’t know how to write SEO friendly content. Then your post will go in vain. Because people will not find your content. You must know how to write SEO friendly content for batter ranking. SEO or search engine optimization is the key factor for any blogging success. When you know how to write SEO friendly content. Then you try to write content maintaining all aspects of SEO. Your post or content will rank better in search engines result pages (SERPs).

When you see the best bloggers and their blogs, their contents quality are much different from other simple bloggers. Their contents made them famous among the readers. So if you want to be a popular as well as a successful blogger, you should be more careful about your content writing quality. I suggest that write not only for the readers but also for search engines.

How to Write SEO Friendly Content

Choose The Right Keywords

Before start writing, you need to select keywords. Keywords selection is one of the most important factors in on page SEO. Keywords can play an important role to rank your post in search engines. You need to pay more attention when you select keywords. You need enough time to select proper keywords for your content. Because without using perfect keywords in your article, you will lose your audience.

Try to select long tail, low competition, enough monthly searches, and good suggested bid keywords. I use Google Keyword Planner. It is an awesome free tool that helps you select your best keywords.


How to write quality content

Keywords Placement

Keywords placement is really an important issue for the blogger. You should know where you can use your main keywords. You need to use keywords in the title, meta tags, image alt tags and more. Use your keywords in the first and last paragraph in your content. Maintain keywords density. You can use 1.5 to 2% keywords in your content. But you must be careful that you should use keywords naturally. You should not use keywords irrationally because search engines hate keywords stuffing. If you find difficult to use keywords, don’t use it. You can use relevant LSI keywords. It helps you to do better for search engines.

Meta Description

Meta description is a small description about your content that appears below your title. It shows in search engine results pages. It increases your SEO score and search engines prefer this meta description. Try to write meaningful meta description because readers get a small idea about your web page from meta description. Place keywords in your meta description.

how to write SEO friendly content

Write Informative & Helpful Content

Bloggers need to know about their readers, what is their expectation? They should research about their readers. Write for your readers providing all the information so that they can believe you and come back you again and again. You should not write such a content which is not valuable for your readers. Do not waste your time writing useless content.

Avoid Copy Paste

Copy pasting is really a bad habit. Especially the newbies do this mistake. Because they don’t know how to write SEO friendly content. Search engines especially Google is really smart and they easily detect your copy paste contents. Then search engines take immediate steps against you. It is really bad for your blog and your blogging career. You should not steal others contents. There are a lot of online tools to check copy paste content. Before publishing content you need to check it.

                         How to Write SEO Friendly Content

how to write SEO friendly content

Using Heading Tags

Heading tags are important for your content. Use proper headings to rank high in search engines. Google consider heading tags such as H1, H2, H3 and more when it ranks your post. H1 tag for your title and try to use H2 and H3 tags in your content. H2 tag is more powerful than H3 tag. Place keywords in heading tags if you can.

how to write SEO friendly content

Use Multimedia

You can add multimedia such as images, videos or infographic in your content. Because readers like multimedia content. Images or videos increase the attractiveness of your content. It also increases the readability of your contents.

Internal Links

Internal links increase your SEO score. When you add some internal links in your content then people stay your site for a long time. Because they want to read other related contents. It also helps you to reduce your bounce rate. Readers see that you have other related articles by internal links.



All the bloggers should pay attention to their contents. Always try to write the best quality contents. You should remind that quality is better than quantity. If you know how to write SEO friendly content then you can do better for your blog.

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