High Performance Full Screen Laptop

The biggest difference in appearance between laptops and desktop computers is volume. Laptops must be light, thin and portable. It is inevitable to make some compromises in body volume. In playing games and watching videos, the larger the screen, the better the experience. Without obvious increase in volume, the only way to make the screen bigger is to make a full screen like phones.

This is what HUAWEI MagicBook Pro does. It upgrades the basic hardware configuration. It applies mature technologies in the mobile phone to PC. It was the first 16.1-inch full screen with a “four-sided micro-frame” design. The camera centered on the front of the traditional laptop is hidden. It is in the keyboard area. These design has enabled MagicBook Pro to achieve a 16: 9 16.1-inch full screen. It is with a visual area increase of about 6.6% over the 15.6-inch model and a screen proportion of 90%.

The upper left and right borders are only 4.9 mm. The lower borders are 14.6 mm. It is higher than the proportion of thin and light screens. In terms of screen quality, MagicBook Pro is equipped with 16.1-inch anti-glare screen. It has 1080P (FHD) resolution, 100% sRGB wide color gamut and up to 300nit brightness. In terms of actual perception, the picture quality of this screen is excellent. The color is accurate. Whether it is playing games and watching videos, or making PPT, the visual effect is good. The field of vision is wide.

To narrow the upper frame, HONOR MagicBook Pro uses a press-type unified hidden camera scheme. It places the camera in the keyboard. When in use, you can use it by bouncing it. When not in use, you can hide it by pressing it. This is convenient. According to the WeChat video test, the camera’s imaging is clear.

MagicBook Pro integrates fingerprints on the power key. It combines startup and password input into one step. The fingerprint technology comes from HONOR mobile phone. Its sensitivity is higher than that of the sliding fingerprint of traditional laptop. It is convenient for daily use. It can be unlocked from the screen locking state with a light touch. This is practical for office workers.

The keys in the keyboard part of MagicBook Pro feel comfortable. It supports three-level backlight adjustment. It is efficient with large touch area. The touchpad has passed Microsoft’s precision touchpad certification. It can realize Windows gestures.

The hardware is equipped with Ruilong 5 4600H, 6 cores and 12 threads of 7nm chipset design. It has 16GB DDR4 dual-channel memory. It supports 11 hours of endurance.

The screen is large and of good quality. The HONOR MagicBook Pro Ruilong version can have a good experience in work and entertainment. It is clearer to read the text and the form. There is no need to squeeze together to share the content among colleagues. The screen color is good. We can use it for design work. It’s enjoyable to watch movies and chase plays. The colors are good and it looks comfortable.

The MagicBook with high performance costs only 849.99. It is cost-effective.

What Are The Different Types Of Resumes?

A well-prepared resume is necessary while going for a job interview. A resume is a document that contains all the information related to your education qualification, achievements, and work experience. Through this document, the recruited will choose whether you are suitable for that particular job or not. So if you want to get selected for the interview, it is necessary to prepare an impressive resume.

There are many online platforms available to make a well-formatted resume without grammatical errors. You can also opt for https://resumebuild.com for making the best resume for your dream job.

While applying for any job, you need to know about the different resume types to select the most suitable one. There are generally three types of resumes, which are as follows:

Chronological resume

This type of resume is being used from the earlier times and has still relevance in different streams. In a chronological resume, the main focus is on the experience you hold in a particular field rather than skills. The information is mentioned in reverse chronological order, which means you should mention your latest work position at the top.

When is it used?

If you hold significant experience in that area, you can choose this type of resume format. You can also use this type if your past job is senior to the previous one. As this resume mainly focuses on experience, so it is not suitable for the fresher.

Functional resume

This type of resume’s primary focus is on the skills that a person possesses rather than the experience he holds. If you have the skills and capability required for the job, you can choose this type of resume. You can include information related to your qualification, career objectives, and skills.

When is it used?

If you have many time gaps in your employment or if you want to re-join your workplace after a long period of time, then this type is most suitable for you. You can draft your resume with the help of https://resumebuild.com, as it will provide you the perfect presentation for your resume.

Combination resume

Last but not least, this type of resume is a mixture of the above two types. In this resume, the main focus is on both your skills as well as experience. If you hold some experience and also possess some job-related skills, then you can choose this type of resume format as it is most suitable for you.

When is it used?

This resume is mostly used when you have extraordinary skills and experience related to a particular job. It is advisable to add a brief description in this type as many details are included in it.


Finally, these are the main types of resumes that you must know and select the most suitable according to your experience and skills. At https://resumebuild.com, you will get various examples of all such types to make an effective resume.

Edit The Resume According To Your Applying Profession

Getting a job is not a challenge. You are highly qualified, but you need to show your resume for creating an effect. There are so many websites to make a resume. But very few are hassle-free. Some are offering charges, and some are free also. The  resumebuild.com is not asking even to create an account of yours.

Without any account, you can immediately create your resume. It also supports a one-page format of a resume. Many employers like a single-page resume for a quick view. You will get the guiding steps for creating your resume. Flipping pages does not prove to the skillful. So many templates are designing for speedy work. Choose any suitable template and type. 


  • You can edit the sentences like in a word processor.
  •  You can save and share a copy of the resume from the web.
  • You can import your already created resume from another website like-LinkedIn or Internshala.
  • Some fine templates are also here to get you to hone for the rest of the work.
  • The section can add and remove according to your preferences.
  • The paid version will upgrade your resume with more advantages.
  • Once create a resume, you can download it within any other format like pdf, docs, or image.
  • Free and Premium version gives you a lot of options to work for your quality content.
  • Free cover letter, you can download content related to your resume from other URL and work at best. 
  • The text box drag, drop, and move options are making all the features worth.
  • You will get the option to share the content directly from here to social websites.
  • The website feature is supporting on the mobile also. Keeping the account of money spent at a minimum for the worth of work, this interface is excellent. 

The first demand before any interview to show or submit a resume. Even online submissions are also asking by the employer. You are in the habit of creating it in WordPress or Microsoft word. But that format is not working at all always. The formatting features of Microsoft word extends into some more editing options that are adding to this website. Many of the cyber people or friends ask for money in addition to help you. The method is not supportive of an unemployed person.  


  • First, click on the website URL or search in the browser.
  • Click on design my resume, a template will open, and you mention your professional details.
  • Insert a photograph. Scroll down and enter personal details.
  • Mention the email id and contact.
  • There is a box for professional experience, and you need to mention one by one.
  • The renowned and authorized universities are auto-detecting.
  • Even you can add a profile objective section in the dropdown method.
  • The website reference and the project URL from the web needs to mention as it is. 

The portal is giving a lot of skills, only to check box the skill suitable for you. See the preview of the resume and do the editing requires. 

Three particular things about the warzone game and its hacks!

Call of Duty®: Warzone Game | PS4 - PlayStation

Playing single player shooting games is now almost become fashionable in todays. Nowadays, everybody loves to play some particular weapon games in which the players need to kill their Enemies with the variety of available Furious guns. Call of duty Warzone is also one particular game where you can do the same things to complete the different game versions for all the super giving fun.

Every game, which includes a variety of missions, always requires some exceptional help. You need to download some particular things as Warzone hacks from the online sources to dominate the game’s various aspects without any much difficulty. The beautiful graphics and the game’s sound quality also attract so many people and always force them to download the same game from the online sources for all the super gaming fun at home anywhere else in the world.

But before playing a particular game like Warzone, you also need to learn some basic things that will help you dominate the game with much perfection against your opponents, especially in the multiplayer gaming system.

Special software’s for the warzone game

You need to download some special software to complete the game in an instance. Downloading some particular things like Warzone hacks and cheats from online sources is always helpful for all those who have little knowledge about the same game as Warzone.

It is always an understandable thing for every game player that every game requires some particular things to learn while playing the game over your laptop and other gaming systems. But suppose if you do not have enough patience to learn the same things, you can always download the Warzone hacks and cheats from the various gaming websites, helping you save your essential time.

The procedure of downloading the software

The necessary procedure of downloading the Warzone hacks and cheats from the various online gaming websites is quite simple. You need to follow some basic things at the initial stages of the download. You need to complete the login process over the same online website, which is used to download the Warzone hacks and cheats.

After completing the login procedure, you will be able to download a few software, which will help you dominate the game against your opponents around the world. Ending the game with extra assistance helps get the particular fun of playing the game in your leisure time.

Expert help over the online sources

Apart from downloading the Warzone hacks and cheats from the online gaming websites, you also can take help from the experts available over the online sources. They will help you to apply some hacks and cheats which you recently downloaded. Perfect application of the hacks and frauds in the various stages of the game always gives you an advantage in the game plan.

In the end, I would say that all the above three things about the war zone game provide special use knowledge, which is enough to dominate the same game.

The change that was brought by iPhone and Apple

The world of technology especially the world of smartphones was changed the day Apple introduced the iPhone. iPhone since its inception has become one of the most revered smartphone brands out there. It is considered to be the safest phone in the world. It is because of the fact that it is virtually impossible to unlock iphone without permission from the owner of the iPhone. Not only iPhone has many forms of security such as the general phone locking system, the web security but it also has many layers of it. The layers of the general phone locking system involve putting a password or passcode then there is the face lock and fingerprint sensor as well. Thus go break into an iphone becomes almost impossible.

How can you unlock iPhone 8 without the help from Apple?

However, as the security systems are of the highest quality in the iPhones it is also true that it comes with some restraints. Unlock iphone 8 is hard when compared to its past models. In iPhone 8 you get six chances to get the passcode right. And if you fail to do so the phone automatically gets locked as a fail-safe mechanism. And then the oy way to unlock this phone is to go to the Apple store and get an overriding code from them. This is important because you will need to first prove that the phone actually belongs to you and this sometimes can be hectic. Thus what you can do here is to opt for hiring a third-party platform that can provide you with an overriding unlocking code. This overriding unlocking code will be provided to you in exchange for the model name and number of your iPhone. There is only one thing that you need to take care if this regard is to find a reliable online platform as it involves the security of your personal data and information.

Hire the best unlocking code provider online

In the USA the only reliable platform in this regard is movical. They are the most advanced platform that guarantees you to provide the overriding unlocking code within a couple of hours after providing the model name and number of the locked phone. So if you are really interested in availing their services make sure to do it via their official website.

Instagram likes- the most exciting way to become famous

Nowadays, most people are busy using the internet, and they use the entire social media app to keep in touch with their family and friends as well. Social media platform plays a vital role in everybody’s life, and it becomes the most crucial part of human’s life. People use those apps on which they can show their talent or day to day growth by posting pictures and videos of themselves as well as about what is happening in their life. In these social media apps, Instagram is growing faster among people, and they get like on their pictures, which they are posting on their account. Android users can download it from the Google play store, and iphone users can download it from the apps store of iOS. People can also buy real Instagram likes for becoming more famous on these platforms.

Instagram likes matters for people 

People who keep them busy in using Instagram are more creative and active on the social media app. They are using this app to get fame and name among people and friends. Trending on install is the ultimate goal for some peoples. The likes of Instagram depend on your popularity and account privacy. The social networking site gives the best and secure privacy policy to its users, which is very useful in keeps its details and data safe from hackers. Likes on pictures and videos are related to the account setting, and in simple words, the social media app gives us the option to account for privacy that is of two kinds one is a private account, and the one is a public account.

If your account is private, only the person you approve can watch and like your videos, pictures, and what the other content you are posting on your account. On the other hand, if your account is public, all the people out there can like and watch your pictures and content. Users can also buy real Instagram likes for reaching the people in-app stories and getting more likes and fame.

The fact that you need to know about while gaining likes on a social app

Fame and followers are the needs which everybody wants to get in their life. If you are one of them who also wants to gain more likes and followers on social communication app, then you should go for some advertising. For example, you can share your Instagram profile on other social Medias apps, and even on messages also, you can buy real Instagram likes. There are several apps available on the internet from which we can purchase the likes as well as followers. You can also use the app as your business, and the once can advertise or promote their work and brand on Instagram. Then they can quickly sell their product or service through the social media platform

Final words

Hence, all we can say is the Instagram is the most useful and loving social media platform that is liked by people; mainly it attracts the youth generation. The app helps people to reach over 400 million users globally who are active on social web and uses the app daily.   

How important is the internet in today’s world?

The internet is the main force that moves the world around you today. The internet has reached that status where you can very easily get machines connected through it. This technology is called the internet of things. This technology is implementable at any scale. The most common form of the internet of things is the virtual assistant system for homes. But the internet of things can be implemented at a very higher scale. The best example of the internet of things being used on a large scale is the industrial iot. Industrial internet of things however not only connects different types of heavy machinery with one another but it also helps in developing a level of cognizance. This cognizance is the first and basic form of artificial intelligence that you can think of actually.

How the industrial internet of things can shape your manufacturing unit?

Industrial iot has opened up a new horizon to provide for the footsteps for greater automation. Like for example, iiot technology when combined with the ethernet system and tan technology can do wonders. These three technologies together can provide you with a Predictive maintenance system. Under this system, your machines will notify you when something is wrong with it. These technologies together can give rise to the very automated assembly line system as well. Industrial iot technology, however, requires more basic systems such as a good internet connection. And the only thing that you need to take care of in this regard is the mainframe computer and connection. The mainframe needs to kept in a safe place away from excessive moisture or heat. The machines should also be taken care of with a scheduled maintenance system that is preventive measures must be taken in this regard.

Know more about the industrial internet of things from online

So if you are in Thailand and want to understand how these technologies work or if you are to install then pay a visit to cc-link. They are the most experienced and efficient platform online in this regard. So make sure to visit their official website.

Organizing sales funnels for your website for better returns

Importance should always be given to the way in which your website is able to convert the traffic it gets into sales. This would be the essence for any website or business to be successful in the long run. If a business owner is not able to have a good conversion rate with the visitors that they get for their website they are likely to lose both money and time in the process of marketing. To nullify this, you can choose to have sales funnels configured and designed for your website. With software applications, this is made easier than one can think of. You can read more about software applications such as clickfunnels which can make an impact on your website in terms of conversions.

Identifying the right plan:

Not many business owners find it a difficult choice to select the most appropriate plan for their business from clickfunnels. This is because the two options that the clickfunnels pricing table has is quite simple. You can either opt for the $97 basic plan or the $297 etison suite plan. The cost for both is recurring and is to be paid monthly to the company. In case, you are circumspect about the plans that are available you can always choose the trial, which is provided in the website of clickfunnels.

The major differences between the two clickfunnels cost per month can be viewed at the website of the company. A detailed table presents to you features and salient options that each plan has in place. Based on this information, you can choose the plan for your organization. In case you have concerns about the information that is available on the website you can always go through the frequently asked questions or the FAQs which are available online to obtain clarity. You can read articles that are available about clickfunnels on different websites to obtain knowledge about its working structure.

5 Essential Things to operate a Effective Social Networking Campaign

Listed here are 5 important criteria that should be addressed to be able to operate a effective social networking campaign.

1. Internet Search Engine Rank Awareness

Social networking profiles now make regular appearances in internet search engine listings. The various search engines are placing greater importance on these profiles because they have a tendency to possess regularly updated topical content and supply quality information which internet search engine users are searching for.

Any social networking profile ought to be produced with internet search engine placement in your mind. Make sure that relevant keywords are put in titles, and content, which any links use keywords (located inside the anchor-text). Brands ought to be clearly visible to enhance the probability of search engines like google displaying a social networking profile for brand-related searches. Getting a social networking profile come in SERP listings will build visitors to that profile and may subsequently result in additional visitors to the primary business website via that profile.

2. Additional Traffic from Social Networking Posts

Search engines like google now index and display individual social networking posts within their search engine results. The various search engines think about these posts topical, relevant and helpful for their users – three of the primary criteria search engines like google search for when ranking a webpage (or submission).

Posting quality submissions on social networks and including backlinks to some primary website, or website, in those posts can seriously increase web traffic – when the posts are indexed and displayed in internet search engine listings.

Social networking bookmarking sites for example Digg, StumbleUpon and Slashdot happen to be recognized to drive a large number of people to websites. Submit blogs – and website content – to those sites and there’s a strong possibility that these submissions will capture the eye of readers and lead to elevated web site traffic.

3. Use Social Networking for Search engine optimization-Based Links

Backlinks to some primary website can be put in the majority of the social networking profiles. They are helpful links from high authority websites and top quality backlinks influence in which a web site is rated inside a internet search engine.

Many social networking bookmarking sites now use the NOFOLLOW attribute to links because of abuse, but you may still find some major platforms that continue using the DOFOLLOW attribute. During the time of writing, these bookmarking sites still allow DOFOLLOW links:

Social Networking Optimization For Search engine optimization

Despite the fact that greater than a couple of individuals are understanding how to use social networking effectively, and social networking consultants are appearing like weeds the majority are not incorporating Fundamental Search engine optimization 101 tactics and therefore departing a whole lot of money up for grabs… money that isn’t entering the clients cash registers.

Local Google Advertising

Should you, like a social networking consultant, desire to use your social networking skills to “get your online business client” symbolized on social networking, that’s great. Watch would take advantage of getting an internet presence, getting an internet presence is way better these days getting one. In the event that local company is seeking to get more customers, more queries, more leads, result in the phone ring to place more income within their cash registers: they have to begin using these two tools:

social networking

online presence

But rely on them towards the purpose of Local Google Advertising.

Alone getting a twitter take into account your organization or perhaps your clients company (and never Search engine optimization optimizing it for local Search results) isn’t likely to place much cash within the check out for the client.

Getting a business Facebook page for the client and never Search engine optimization optimizing it for local Google advertising won’t obtain that company Facebook page appear in local Search results… just standing on Facebook isn’t’ gonna pull that off… Getting a business Facebook page Can establish local Google advertising If you are using Fundamental Search engine optimization 101 Tactics.

Fundamental Search engine optimization

Google Ranking Why and how

Everyone really wants to be #one in Google, that is obvious, trying to be #1 nationwide for any broad search term (also known as keywords, keyword phrases are keywords) normally takes a great deal of work (@$100 each hour that is what our Search engine optimization/ Social Networking Optimization in Ernest Md team charges)

Some social networking people think it is all about creating a feeling of participation inside a social networking community. That’s A good reason to sign up in social networking but to mix social networking with Search engine optimization is a killer marketing combination.

So how do you Optimize their social networking for Search engine optimization?

Treat each social profile you receive a profile on as though it were a webpage in your website’s domain. The titles you utilize for every blog publish, for every graphic or photo you upload needs to be the keywords you would like that company to appear in the search engines search engine results for.