How To Set The Ideal Time For Your Child To Play Video Games?

For that question, there is not just one answer or the answer that is right or wrong. However, before answering this question, some others need to be clarified by the parents, especially now in a quarantine period. The children spend more time at home, which increases the anxiety of the little ones.  

It is necessary to analyze the routine of both parents and children. What activities do they need to carry out throughout the day, what is their demand with other tasks, and only then create a routine to understand that there is a right time for everything?

It is not interesting that you tell children that they cannot play video games without reason for them to understand why. They must understand that other activities should be priorities and that the equipment is a moment of leisure.

Therefore, it is recommended that the time is up to 1 hour a day with access to electronic means – this for children over five years old. Before that, it would be interesting to encourage other forms of play and leisure for the little ones.

Main Precautions When Using The Video Game

In addition to having an ideal time routine for playing video games such as Roblox which can do Roblox top up (roblox เติม which is the term in Thai), parents need to monitor what children are playing closely – parents have a vital role in this care.

The first recommendation is that the games are by the age group of the little ones. For this, each game presents a recommendation that needs to be respected by the content presented.

Another exciting tip is that nowadays, video game consoles themselves already have a parental control system. Parents can program a profile to limit their child’s time and which games they can access.

It is also possible to prevent children from using credit cards to make purchases – it may seem harmless, but many parents have already been taken aback when the invoice arrives at the end of the month.  

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