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Companies need many things to thrive; motivational leadership, excellent service, state-of-the-art marketing techniques, and much more. However, what brands really need today is a compelling and effective brand story.

Brand stories invoke emotion. They help consumers create personal connections to brands, improve brand image, and as a result, boost sales.

One of the most effective tools to create personal connections and communicate a brand story and image in just a few minutes is video marketing. Ranked as one of the top-rated marketing techniques of 2020, video marketing is here to stay. Here’s everything you absolutely need to know.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the use of videos to promote and market a product or a business. Video marketing is when your brand creates videos that raise awareness about your services and products and engages your customers. Video marketing can be in the form of vlogs, podcasts, tutorials, YouTube content, and much more.

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Video marketing is snack-sized, memorable, and scalable. 

What Are the Benefits of Video Marketing for Brands?

Video marketing has numerous benefits for brands and businesses looking to market their business in the digital sphere effectively. As a marketer, when 54% of consumers want to see branded video content, it’s a tactic that you can’t ignore.

Video marketing allows for effective and compelling market strategies. Instead of reading lengthy blogs and conducting research, audiences want to make their lives easier by viewing informational videos or tutorials in video form. Optimizing videos for search engines also boosts SEO, allowing for more organic traffic on your site. 

Moreover, video marketing aids in creating a brand connection. It’s a more holistic and engaging way to develop relationships with your consumers, helping create trust and brand loyalty. All of these aspects help in boosting brand awareness and, as a result, brand revenue.

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Now that you know all about video marketing and its benefits, here are some of the newest insights on video marketing.

User-Generated Video Content

In an overly cluttered and noisy digital landscape, user-generated video marketing cuts through the noise. With only 25% of consumers trusting advertising, it’s better to have consumers and clients give reviews and testimonials to market products.

User-generated video content allows for a brand’s loyal consumers and customers to become advocates for the brand. This effectively promotes the businesses’ products and services since it provides a more trustworthy recommendation of the brand.

Moreover, user-generated videos offer tremendous potential for shareability, especially on social media.In fact, user-generated video content is so powerful that 84% of millennials have reported that it has an influence on what they buy.

Short-Form Videos

With the launch of Instagram reels last year and the growth of TikTok, short videos are a huge trend that brands should look into.

Creating short, bite-sized videos that are fast-paced can really help boost a business’s reachability in terms of marketing. Posting and curating content for TikTok, a platform with 1.2 billion active users per month, is a powerful way to boost brand awareness and engagement, making it a great video marketing technique.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been forced to shut down. More and more people have begun to work and study from home. As a result of lockdowns and quarantines, people are now encouraged to perform essential home tasks on their own. Be it cooking or plumbing, tutorials and DIY videos have been taking the market by storm this year.

Brands and businesses that are able to cater to their consumer’s demands are bound to grow. As a result, tutorials are a powerful and compelling tool for consumers to build trust and personal connection to a brand, leading to increased loyalty and higher revenue.

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Invoking Emotion

Using the neuromarketing principle of invoking emotion in consumers to create positive brand connections and associations, emotional video marketing can effectively build up trust.

The most significant trend of 2021 in terms of video marketing is eliciting emotional responses from viewers and consumers. Invoking emotions using video content through advertisements and other means increases consumer connection to a brand. There’s been a lot of research on how emotions influence a consumer’s purchase decisions. Emotional video marketing activates their brain and influences how they view the brand. This means that using emotional video marketing techniques can help with the brand association and build up brand image and reputation. 

In conclusion, emotion converts— especially when it comes to video marketing.

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