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Using Social Networking Like a Advertising Tool

Within the last couple of years there’s been lots of hype (negative and positive) about Social Networking and whether it’s useful and/or not going anywhere soon. There are lots of experts within the social networking field, and i’m undertake and don’t however i clearly see the need for some social networking sites in my operate in home staging and redesign.

WHAT Social Networking IS:

In researching this short article I visited numerous ‘social media gurus’ websites and conferred with a ‘Social Media Guru’ Mhairi Petrovic. I consolidated these details so the average entrepreneur could comprehend the benefits and pitfalls to social networking. Here are a few definitions for you personally:

Social Networking is really a web-based and online marketing media tool. It enables for 2-way communication – the author and also the readers/viewer can communicate. However you may create a social networking site where you don’t allow comments and/or hide them in the public view.

Social Networking TOOLS: blogs, podcasts and social systems like Facebook, LinkedIn, Active Rain, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Sites just like you Tube are social photo and video discussing sites.

Social Networking STATISTICS: Facebook may be the dominant social media platform in lots of countries worldwide while Canadians would be the top users of social media -4 of every 5 online Canadians use both Twitter and facebook. When compared with 12 other nations Canadians regularly use social systems. A minimum of 57% take part in social systems at least one time per month. Americans would be the next most active social networkers behind Canadians at 51% with Uk coming third at 38%.*

Social Networking AGE-USERS: It is not only ‘young’ people between 18 and 29 using social technologies. People between 30 and 45 use social networking contributing to 8% of internet seniors are thought creators.

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