What is ultraviolet?

Sun damage and cancer: how UV radiation affects our skin

Ultraviolet light becomes part of the light spectrum, which is classified into three wavelength arrays:

  • UV-A, from 315 nm to 400 nm
  • UV-B, from 280 nm to 315 nm
  • UV-C, from 100 nanometers (nm) to 280 nm

What is germicidal ultraviolet?

UVC sterilization lamp [หลอด UVC ฆ่าเชื้อ, which is the term in Thai] is germicidal, i.e., it shuts down the DNA of germs, infection, as well as other microorganisms, and therefore, damages their capability to increase as well as create illness. Especially, UV-C light creates damages to the nucleic acid of bacteria by creating covalent bonds in between specific adjacent bases in the DNA. The development of such bonds avoids the DNA from being unzipped for duplication, as well as the microorganism is not able to replicate. As a matter of fact, when the microorganism tries to reproduce, it dies.

What are the valuable uses of germicidal ultraviolet?

Ultraviolet technology is a non-chemical strategy for sanitation. In this approach of sanitation, absolutely nothing is added which makes this procedure simple, low-cost, as well as needs really low maintenance. Ultraviolet cleaners utilize germicidal lights that are developed as well as computed to produce a certain dose of ultraviolet, generally at least 16,000 microwatt seconds per square centimeter, but lots of units have a greater dosage. The principle of style is based upon a product of time and strength, you must have a particular quantity of both for a successful layout.

How do ultraviolet purifiers function?

UVGI system [ระบบ uvgi, which is the term in Thai] units contain several germicidal ultraviolet lamps. Germicidal Lamps are shortwave, reduced-pressure tubes that generate ultraviolet wavelengths dangerous to microbes. Around 95% of the ultraviolet power produced germicidal lights is at 254 nanometers, the area of germicidal performance most devastating to microorganisms, mold, and viruses. As a result, the water or air that goes through the chamber is revealed to the germicidal UV light as well as the genetic material of the microorganism is shut down, which avoiding them from recreation, as well as making them safe.


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