What Are The Different Types Of Resumes?

A well-prepared resume is necessary while going for a job interview. A resume is a document that contains all the information related to your education qualification, achievements, and work experience. Through this document, the recruited will choose whether you are suitable for that particular job or not. So if you want to get selected for the interview, it is necessary to prepare an impressive resume.

There are many online platforms available to make a well-formatted resume without grammatical errors. You can also opt for https://resumebuild.com for making the best resume for your dream job.

While applying for any job, you need to know about the different resume types to select the most suitable one. There are generally three types of resumes, which are as follows:

Chronological resume

This type of resume is being used from the earlier times and has still relevance in different streams. In a chronological resume, the main focus is on the experience you hold in a particular field rather than skills. The information is mentioned in reverse chronological order, which means you should mention your latest work position at the top.

When is it used?

If you hold significant experience in that area, you can choose this type of resume format. You can also use this type if your past job is senior to the previous one. As this resume mainly focuses on experience, so it is not suitable for the fresher.

Functional resume

This type of resume’s primary focus is on the skills that a person possesses rather than the experience he holds. If you have the skills and capability required for the job, you can choose this type of resume. You can include information related to your qualification, career objectives, and skills.

When is it used?

If you have many time gaps in your employment or if you want to re-join your workplace after a long period of time, then this type is most suitable for you. You can draft your resume with the help of https://resumebuild.com, as it will provide you the perfect presentation for your resume.

Combination resume

Last but not least, this type of resume is a mixture of the above two types. In this resume, the main focus is on both your skills as well as experience. If you hold some experience and also possess some job-related skills, then you can choose this type of resume format as it is most suitable for you.

When is it used?

This resume is mostly used when you have extraordinary skills and experience related to a particular job. It is advisable to add a brief description in this type as many details are included in it.


Finally, these are the main types of resumes that you must know and select the most suitable according to your experience and skills. At https://resumebuild.com, you will get various examples of all such types to make an effective resume.

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