High Performance Full Screen Laptop

The biggest difference in appearance between laptops and desktop computers is volume. Laptops must be light, thin and portable. It is inevitable to make some compromises in body volume. In playing games and watching videos, the larger the screen, the better the experience. Without obvious increase in volume, the only way to make the screen bigger is to make a full screen like phones.

This is what HUAWEI MagicBook Pro does. It upgrades the basic hardware configuration. It applies mature technologies in the mobile phone to PC. It was the first 16.1-inch full screen with a “four-sided micro-frame” design. The camera centered on the front of the traditional laptop is hidden. It is in the keyboard area. These design has enabled MagicBook Pro to achieve a 16: 9 16.1-inch full screen. It is with a visual area increase of about 6.6% over the 15.6-inch model and a screen proportion of 90%.

The upper left and right borders are only 4.9 mm. The lower borders are 14.6 mm. It is higher than the proportion of thin and light screens. In terms of screen quality, MagicBook Pro is equipped with 16.1-inch anti-glare screen. It has 1080P (FHD) resolution, 100% sRGB wide color gamut and up to 300nit brightness. In terms of actual perception, the picture quality of this screen is excellent. The color is accurate. Whether it is playing games and watching videos, or making PPT, the visual effect is good. The field of vision is wide.

To narrow the upper frame, HONOR MagicBook Pro uses a press-type unified hidden camera scheme. It places the camera in the keyboard. When in use, you can use it by bouncing it. When not in use, you can hide it by pressing it. This is convenient. According to the WeChat video test, the camera’s imaging is clear.

MagicBook Pro integrates fingerprints on the power key. It combines startup and password input into one step. The fingerprint technology comes from HONOR mobile phone. Its sensitivity is higher than that of the sliding fingerprint of traditional laptop. It is convenient for daily use. It can be unlocked from the screen locking state with a light touch. This is practical for office workers.

The keys in the keyboard part of MagicBook Pro feel comfortable. It supports three-level backlight adjustment. It is efficient with large touch area. The touchpad has passed Microsoft’s precision touchpad certification. It can realize Windows gestures.

The hardware is equipped with Ruilong 5 4600H, 6 cores and 12 threads of 7nm chipset design. It has 16GB DDR4 dual-channel memory. It supports 11 hours of endurance.

The screen is large and of good quality. The HONOR MagicBook Pro Ruilong version can have a good experience in work and entertainment. It is clearer to read the text and the form. There is no need to squeeze together to share the content among colleagues. The screen color is good. We can use it for design work. It’s enjoyable to watch movies and chase plays. The colors are good and it looks comfortable.

The MagicBook with high performance costs only 849.99. It is cost-effective.

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