An excellent online store domain can be the difference between being found or ignored by your customers.

Digital entrepreneurs at who choose to open a virtual store should know that e-commerce is significant to guarantee the success of the business. The first step in having a profitable online store is to think of a domain that catches customers’ attention, that is easy to memorize, and that creates an immediate impact.

The domain is the name of the virtual store, which must be registered. So, create an exciting domain and register it in the BR Registry. Registering your store’s domain with the extension .com is also an essential measure so that your customers always find your online store and you don’t run the risk of a competitor registering it and taking your visits.

Also, think that the choice of the domain must be strategic; that is if you can get a good domain that works as a highly sought-after keyword in search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you already guarantee a step ahead of competitors since the basics of SEO is present in your e-commerce platform.

Your domain needs to be easily remembered and typed. Do not use too technical terms, foreign words, or words that may cause doubts in the spelling. The ideal is to have a simple and impactful domain. If you are going to create a virtual store to sell baby items, a surefire domain would be “Baby Store,” for example. The problem is that the best domains are often no longer available for registration and end up being worth a lot of money precisely because they are good.

Important Tips

  • To make a good choice of domain for an online store:
  • Be simple, direct, and creative.
  • Do not use long words, and do not put numbers and special characters, such as the hyphen.

Before creating the domain of your online store, count on Google Trends’ help to find out the most searched words by users in search engines within your market segment.

After creating the domain, also think about the layout of your online store with the chosen name. The first step is to produce a good logo with your domain and carry out the planning of your e-commerce project.

So, are you planning to start an online business? Great. And have you ever considered whether to start an e-commerce site or a marketplace? If that’s the case, excellent, you’re reading the right article.


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