The Best Way to Make your solo ads list

For list makers, solo ads seem to be all the rage this month, but it’s weird. Indeed, 9 out of 10 choices are bad choices when building a perfect email list. It was a great way to build a solo ad list, but as far as everyone knows, selling solo ads traffic can make more money on the list. let’s see how can you make your solo ads.

How to make a list of solo ads 

As the number of people entering the list of individual ad sellers increases, the quality of leads gained rapidly decreases. Some ads typically have an open rate of less than 1%. To illustrate this point, I have a 4-year listing with a 20% open rate The problem is, the quality of sales leads is low, the open rate is low, and the actual cost of signing up with Solo Ads is much higher than you might think.

How to buy solo ads

  • First, make sure you have all of the above. If you haven’t prepared a channel, you don’t need to find another ad provider.
  • When everything is ready, you can find freelance advertising sellers in the market segment.
  • We are in contact with an advertising seller who sends clicks at a specific time. Most sellers require Paypal to be prepaid. Buy 1000 clicks. The seller offers several click-through packages, one of which is 45 cents per click per 1000 clicks. So the amount you have to pay is 450 dollars.
  • Most sellers will also ask you to provide the URL of the page that selected the option if you want to confirm it before you pay. Maybe they don’t like it and don’t want to email them the list? Better than regret for safety. Some sellers comment on your page for free and offer suggestions for improvement. Several factors determine the conversion rate of a selected page, including title, call-to-action, colour, and background. You should always work on improving your conversion rate.
  • After payment is completed, we will email the customer’s credit card to talk to the customer. Talking with the seller is always a good thing. They have been experienced and involved in email marketing games for quite some time. Maybe you made a deal with some of them, maybe that’s another chance.
  • Most of them provide tracking URLs to check results in real-time. This page contains statistics for individual ads.

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