The ideal portable generator: do you know how to choose?

The increase in tariffs on the electricity bill led several home owners to rent or buy an electricity generator. Given this scenario, this device has become a great alternative to circumvent the energy crisis, as it can be used as a source of energy in any environment. There are several models of power generator available, and the first question that arises is – how do I find out which model is ideal for my need? See below for incredible tips when choosing a portable power generator.

Power that best suits your location

First, make a detailed list of all devices that will need to be connected to the portable electric generator. Then add the power in watts of each one. This way, you will have a basic idea of ​​how many watts it will take to supply enough power on site.

Assess the sound level of the device

According to experts, excessive loud sound can cause negative physical and psychological effects on humans, such as hypertension, headache, irritability and hearing damage. Therefore, the ideal is to always choose the energy generator that generates less noise compared to other models. In this sense, you can buy Westinghouse igen4500 portable electric generator.

Research the types of fuel

Currently, it is possible to find several models of energy generators available on the market, among them those powered by diesel oil, gasoline and natural gas. Always choose the one that best suits your need.

Generators need proper maintenance

Power generators are devices capable of generating electrical energy continuously even after a blackout. But it is necessary to carry out maintenance of the power generators periodically to ensure their proper functionality and to avoid possible failures. Ideally, this maintenance of energy generators should be carried out by professionals in the field. Some offers equipment maintenance service at the time of rental, with highly qualified professionals to serve you in the best possible way, performing the maintenance of the energy generator in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards specified in the equipment.

Daily care and necessary

Pay attention to the type of load that the power generator will supply on site, as the ideal is that the equipment never works at maximum capacity. To avoid accidents, the power generator must not exceed 20° of inclination. The power generator must be in perfect safety condition: isolated fuel tank, operating lamps, etc. The power generator is a device that provides power without interruption even after a blackout. In the search for comfort and convenience in homes, it is a guarantee of energy source.

What is the best power generator for homes? 

When choosing a portable generator, check the power required for your demand, following the steps – 

  • Make a list of all the devices that will be working in your home,
  • Add the individual wattage (W) of each device,
  • To find the required KVA value of the energy generator, divide the total power of the equipment by 1,000.

For example: the appliances on your list are a microwave oven, 2,000 W, an electric grill, 3,000 W, and a space heater, 1,000 W, for a total of 6,000 W, which, divided by 1,000 results at 6 KVA. The gasoline power generator is ideal for homes, as it is portable, compact and can be easily moved from place to place.

The advantages of choosing a power generator

It guarantees electrical energy without interruptions even after a blackout. It provides more security to your home since security cameras and alarms work normally even after a blackout. It brings convenience, as all electronic devices, such as TV, radio, computer and microwave, continue to work in the event of a blackout. It brings cost savings, since at peak times the energy supplied is more expensive.


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