Two Things To Note When Taking Pictures With A Smartphone

Phone Photography 101: How to Take Good Pictures With Your Mobile Device

Photography has gained an important place in our lives in recent years, and this is practically due to the development and advancement of cell phone cameras. Here are two things to know when taking pictures with your cell phone

1 – Knowing The Limitations Of Cell Phones

As advanced as cell phones are today, they have some limitations. The main one is the lack of lighting, and that does not mean only the night. Some places have poor lighting for the phone’s sensor. The ideal is always to enjoy open places with direct or indirect sunlight. Parks, plazas, pools, gardens. All of these places are great for shooting with your cell phone. Indoor spaces can also achieve good indirect sunlight; if taking pictures indoors, try to open the windows and curtains, leave the child’s toys or put them to play next to the windows or balcony doors be enough to get good light. If necessary, turn on the lights or put a lamp nearby, even during the day, it will help a lot!

Places such as shopping malls and corridors, even if with enough lighting, are usually not enough for the cell phone sensor; the photos end up being blurry or shaky and not clear.

The use of the cell phone flash is not always recommended, as it is direct light, very strong, and we cannot control it; it generates an opaque and flat image and takes away all the child’s spontaneity. Of course, it is not to stop recording a special moment because of that; after all, it is better to have a photo of that special moment even without quality than to have nothing also, try to do a nice editing using nice editing apps like in for a great outcome.

2 – How To Capture The Natural Smile

The worst thing for us is when we are doing something that we are having fun with, and we are interrupted by someone else to do something else, even for a few seconds. Imagine for a child when he is playing to stop taking a picture and still have to smile for it. Worse, we are never satisfied with the photo, and we ask him ten times to smile again.

The tip is to have patience. Let the child continue to play and wait for the moment to take the picture. Another possibility is for you to make the child smile, play with him a little, talk nonsense in his play context so that he will give that natural laugh, and then you enjoy the moment! What can also be done is to make a joke that the child finds funny, something that they are already used to.

The important thing is not to disturb the child so that he does not associate taking a photo as an annoying thing.


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